What have you been up to recently??

Well I’ve tried to take a step back from just gigging for the sake of it as I felt I wasn’t putting enough time and effort into what I was playing as I have been so busy with work outside of dj-ing. But after a month or so off and getting some more time to hunt music and actually go and see other dj’s play I feel a lot more inspired and focused on how and what I want play! It’s all about spending as much time on the dance floor, to understand it as best as possible. It was nice going out and not playing and seeing how other artists work a dance floor

So Mouj, we see you are now becoming quite a name in the production world. What’s coming up for you release wise??

On the production front I’m still finding my feet in the studio but feel a lot more confident now then I did six months ago. I have had few remix request come in which is nice to know that people like your music and trust you to work on theirs. Myself and Dan Lively have new remix coming out on Endemic which is a nice half way point between of two music styles.

Ultimate dancefloor destroyer tune of all time??

Wow ultimate dance floor destroyer, that is a really hard one! La Cosa Nosta Funk by Format:B has always been a massive record for me as has Booka Shade in white rooms. Not the coolest of records but really work a dance floor