1-Ed Rush & Optical – Wormhole (Virus)  

This LP literally shaped DnB for years to come after its release in 1998 and it’s impact is still being heard in DnB today.  Distorted synths and basslines layered under crisp tight drums.  It still makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand up when I hear it now!  

2-Speedy J – Loudboxer LP (Novamute)  

Full of industrial  techno grooves expertly arranged into one seamless mix. The vinyl version came as a series of over 200 loops so you could create your own adaptation or use them as mixing tools.  

3-Polder – Poldermodel (Intacto)  

Dutch Techno / Tech house producers Polder really nailed it with this one. They’ve got a very distinctive sound that combines elements of house, industrial, techno and dare is mention it trance.  

4-Adam Beyer – FabricLive 22 (Fabric)  

Not sure this counts as an LP but this CD got me into techno. There are some absolute killer tracks on here, 2-Dollar Egg’s Naxos is the one the drew me in.  

5–Dbridge – Gemini Principle (Exit)  

A beautiful DnB LP that we waited years for.  Again the variety of sounds is astonishing, from deep, laid back grooves of Ponderosa with Calibre to the tech step brutality of Mourning Dawn.