So what have you been up to recently?? 

Recently ive just been continuing my residency at Morph and done a few
other random quality parties.

After two successful years of running Triptic, you have put to rest to focus on other projects. What was one of the most memorable moments at Triptic?? 

The most memorable moments would have to be Craig Richards doing 8 hours
every time and having to stop Howie b sleeping in a pub toilet just after
trying to take all the girls to asda where they could have anything they
want. Very funny.

Who has been your main influence in music?? 

 The person who is my main influence is Craig Richards. He is a rudeboy.

Are there any plans for production in the future?? 

No plans for production but i will be starting a record label Called
Triptic records. Just getting some names on board at the moment and waiting
for some material. It will be quality when i get that off the ground.