So, tell us a bit more about the label??
Helluva Records is the definition of Techno. Our record label concentrates on high-energy pump-up techno music and represents techno in its purest form as it was meant to be. We release positive, jump-up tracks that make everyone in the club go “Yeeeah!”, sound that makes a musical statement and is not only about sequenced beats. It is the opposite of minimal techno – it is full sound techno. Our music is not to be listened at home – it is strictly for-clubs-only music that can be played both in high speed Schranz sets and in slower funky techno mixes.

Who will be releasing on the label in 2010??

For each Helluva Night event we ask few djs from the line up to release some tracks for us. For this event we have remixes from Ignition Technician and Techment Records. We are looking for new talents but we will be mainly concentrating on the biggest names in techno music.
Does the parties at Cable tie in with the sound of the label??

The Cable events are promotional events for our label so yes, they do tie with with the sound. All the djs we book for Helluva Night represent the same style – energetic jump up techno. We are a bit tired of the new blend of house and techno music and we wanted to re-introduce real techno back to the clubs. London is our first target, the next ones are Manchester and Berlin.
Plans for world dominations??

Not as much as domination as rather introducing New Techno-World Order 🙂 We want our label to be known for high quality energising techno that every dj can play as the highlight of their set. Tracks like ” The Anthem ” aim at unifying the techno movement and letting everyone identify themselves with who we all are and what we all do. To listen to our releases please visit