So what have you been up to recently??
I’m  just about to move house and renovate a unit at Cable Street Studios.  I’m going to make it my home and my studio.  This place is close to Limehouse, it’s an old candy factory that has been converted into an artist-warehouse-refugee. 
Recently, I’ve also been really busy promoting an event that we have been waiting for so long!! Minimal Carnival together with Berlin’s Bar25 on the 24th April. It’s something that Rici and I (Rici is my partner on minimal carnival) I’ve been doing since 2 years.

We have already done two successful events with them, one 2 years ago here in London at the Gramaphone, with an after party at Unit 7, and another one last year at the Bar25 in Berlin. The party in Berlin was really special in terms of people, music, atmosphere and the venue. Bar25 gives you a feeling that u can’t really describe to people unless you’ve been there yourself… for the party on 24th April here in London, we will decorate the venue as if it was a circus like the actual Bar25 circus, but I can’t tell too much for now.. only thing I can say is that I’m really really super excited!!!!
What does 2010 have instore for you??

So far, 2010 has been great in regards to the music, really busy but super happy!!! I could have not started this year in a better way!! After my residency at minimal carnival, the lo*kee crew asked me if I wanted to join their resident team for their usual Sunday afternoon, lo*kee lo*kee!!! I think I actually haven’t missed a single one, since they’ve opened!!! I just can’t resist, it’s not only a party, it’s something much stronger, a spirit!! A family!! and I’m very proud to now say that I’m officially their resident!
2010 also means the beginning of the tpf agency!! It’s run by Ricarda Faber; we are a good team of DJs and friends that has been following the same music direction for some time now, so Rici decided to ‘take over’ the family and to get us bookings!!! here we go ( bookings or 
I have also been playing at very enjoyable parties so far… Minimal Carnival, lo*kee, Aperitivo, Funkyzeit, some mornings with the usual afterhours d-late and Redlight in London and Wilde Renate in Berlin. Next big one that I’m also organising myself is another crazy Sunday afternoon “Minimal Carnival & Kubicle at Bar25” on 6th June. Don’t want to give too much away but expect the likes of Jamie Jones and some of the best underground DJs on the line-up.

Any plans for production??

It’s been two years now that I bought a laptop. I know live around the music and the music around me… once you start producing you can’t stop, it’s an addiction.
At the moment I’m using mainly logic and some external pluggins, but the machine is my thing, the sound quality is just so much better, so I’m just about to buy a Korg and an Electribe.
I’m producing a lot but I’m taking my time before having anything out. I’m 23 years old and I’m still learning a lot and trying to improve my sound (although I do play some of my stuff during my DJ sets). I see myself as much as a producer as a DJ, one without the other doesn’t really make sense, I think.
Favourite tune of all time??

Wahou, a tricky question! There are just too many and usually I’m really bad with telling track names and making mixes but I really respect the music and feel it’s always more special when it’s surprising. Some tracks that I like to play at the moment
-soul clap – funk sex
-hot natured – knee deep chic
-da rebels – house nation under a groover
Also, some really cool stuff is coming soon from two new talents Remi Mimi and Matlar!!