So tell us a bit more about what you have been upto so far in 2010??

Well i’ve been working on a lot of solo stuff so far this year. I’ve just finished off my new EP for Tsuba, which is due out very soon on the Tsuba Colours series. That comes with 2 originals from me and great remixes from Agnes and Kevin Griffiths. Also i’ve just done a remix for French label, Off Recordings and a downtempo remix for young producer, Sam Russo, which seems to be getting a lot of love. Along with production i’ve been djing quite a bit, which i’m really enjoying at the moment.

What’s coming up release wise later this year??

Well along with the Tsuba thing that’s due out soon I’ve also got a solo track on a compilation followed by an EP with my friend, Jonny Cade, that are both coming out on Kolour Recordings. I’ve also been asked to do EPs for some other great labels, but i’m going to keep that close to my chest until they are all done and dusted!

Who’s been your biggest inspiration musically and why??

Well that’s a really hard question! I love all kinds of music and over the past few years have tried to take as much inspiration as I can. I guess an act who really inspired me to start producing music was Masters At Work. I loved their upfront house beats coupled with great vocals and quality basslines. Also coming from a garage background I’ve always loved MJ Cole’s smooth productions. I guess it’s hard for me to say just one really, but those are the two that really stand out in terms of when i was first starting out. 

What’s your biggest bomb to drop on the dancefloor??

The tune i’m really enjoying playing at the moment is Makam – Hide You. I love the breakdown and the drop is so effective! big.