So tell us what you have been upto recently??

Well the big thing of these last weeks was to find a new studio with my partner Ivan (from our It’s a fine line project) and Bruno who recently joined us as sound engineer. It’s been tough to find the right spot and the moving was some kind of a nightmare: 2 vans full of vintage and fragile gears… This explain why we have been pretty slow on producing music recently, the summer was dedicated to that moving.

You built up quite a name in the Paris club circuit.  What was one of your most Memorable gigs in Paris??

As a DJ it’s undoubtedly the first time I played Rex Club around 1996-97. It was like a dream come true for a 19 years old boy…and already a serious achievement. House music was the trendiest thing in Paris at the time and all the big names were in the room. The party went down like a storm and I got so excited when I finished my set I came back home in order to cool down !

Who has been a big influence on your sound??

In terms of deejaying I have never been really trying to sound like anyone else. There are some DJs who brought me to new genre or showed me new ways to work a crowd. I guess Laurent Garnier, Ivan Smagghe and Chloe would be on the top of my list.

What can we expect to see production/label wise for the rest of 2010??

We have a few tracks just finished under ‘It’s a fine line’ moniker: a remix for Superpitcher’s single of his new LP for Kompakt and also an exclusive track on the Kompakt Total 11 compilation which should be out this Autumn. But i still have our last EP with Pete Herbert under the ‘Challenge’ moniker which is in the shops. It was released on my label Marketing Music Records. You can get all the news and releases on my brand new website , it’s updated very often.