You run Potobolo Records. Tell us a bit more about the label ??

I created Potobolo Records in 2008. Our artistic policy and guideline is not to remain more than 2 years in the same musical style. Changing and exploring artistic approaches in order to reach a maximum audience with good music.

At the beginning, the label direction was more minimal / techno, and since 2010 we directed ourselves towards a house/tech-house style, which is rather a success at the moment. Huge djs support the label and play our music, and it is important for us in this monstrous digital world… In 2011, we will be releasing an atypical EP with the french artist and songwriter “IGNIT”, in a style defined as Neurofolk. It is a blend of reggae, dub step and folk music with vocals and an acoustic instrumental approach. It is very different from what we usually release, but we see it as a way of broadening our audience and explore different styles.

We have been a DJ oriented label since the beginning and now we’re trying to open up to different listeners. We will continue in 2011 with a « Dub EP » including 3 tracks with Zopo, Ignit and myself.

What’s in store for 2011??

A Ron Costa release called “Pontakiss” will be out on Inmotion Music.
Another one called “Saltimb” on Cimelde Records. A remixed EP of my 2 tracks Hadono & Slaving Anna on Potobolo Records with remixes from Supernova, Bastian Schuster, F.Sonik & Andrew Technique, Fabian Argomedo, Dual Method & Philip Arruda. A project EP 2 tracks on Monique Musique. The Dub EP on Potobolo Records with Zopo & IGNIT. And a new track for spring with Zopo in featuring on Potobolo Records.

You started off playing Funk and Disco. What made you move to House & Techno??

This change  came naturally because I found many Funk & Disco music in the family house.My father and my uncles were djs and held a vinyl store,I had the opportunity to listen to the promotional House music tracks they were receiving at the store, for me the groove was amazing !! For my productions, I started with minimal-techno and then house & tech-house.

What’s been your biggest achievement to date??

My label Potobolo Records. Also the project with Joachim Garraud for his album “Die Invasion” in 2008

Favourite tune(s) of all time??

Jens Zimmermann – X11 (2009 // Resopal Schallware) -This track is an infernal machine, i love it !
Laurent Garnier – Crispy Bacon (1997 // F Communications) – 13 years that I love this track.