Lick My Deck” interesting name for a label, where did it come from ??

When Matt and I decided to start the label we were thinking of names for ages and went over so many and each time we came up with some thing we found it had already been done or wasn’t going to work.

After a few days of this I got totally fed up and started randomly shouting ideas out, Amongst all of these was Lick My Deck, when Matt heard it he loved it so we kept trying it on for size and it just seemed to fit.

Whether you love it or hate it you always remember it which is the most important thing really.

So tell us a bit more about the Label and it’s artist’s??

Well the label is based in London but our artists are based all over the world, Tokyo, LA, Berlin… The music we release I would say is on the edge of Techno & House and gets released on a Vinyl & Digital format with original Artwork designed specifically for each release.

Also we have just started a new project LMD SkunkWorks that will be releasing Dubstep, Garage & futuristic beats.

Who or what has been a big influence on you musically??

That is a difficult question as I have so many influence’s, I was really into Drum & Bass and before that the Uk garage scene also Hip Hop and classical music when I was at school so really all of these genre’s have had a influence on me.

But I think the first Artist that really had a influence on me was Prince and still does.

You recenty mixed a podcast for Ibiza Voice. Tell us a bit more about the inspiration for the mix??

The tracks I chose for that mix where what I would play in a club situation from Techno to House to Minimal and putting it together so it flows well. I like mixing different styles I think it keeps it more interesting.

What’s been your most memorable DJ set??

There has been quite a few so I can’t really pick one but playing at the Notting Hill Carnival this year was really cool. I grew up in Notting Hill and went to Carnival for many years so to play there for the first time made it even more special.

Weirdest thing you’ve seen in a club??

When I was in Space Ibiza a few years ago a guy went into the DJ booth and tried to do a crowd surf but when he jumped everyone moved out of the way, I thought shit he’s got to be hurt but he got up and carried on dancing like nothing happened.