So where did the name Tsuba come from??

I love Japanese imagery and art so the name was inspired by that. A ‘Tsuba’ it’s actually part of a Japanese sword, the bit between the blade and the handle. The other thing is that it’s short and memorable (hopefully!).

Jan is a big month for you, with Tsuba turning 5. What’s in store for 2011??

To celebrate 5 Years of the label there’s a two part special release including new remixes, exclusive new tracks and some collabs between tsuba acts.  Lots of great producers involved like Nina Kraviz, Sebo K, Sascha Dive & my good buds Justin  Drake and Dean Bearweasel. Also doing some parties at Watergate, fabric and supermarket in Zurich which are sure to be fun! I’ve been buying a lot of vinyl again which I’ve found to be really inspiring, so have really got the bug again for more underground house music. Tracks with more melody and longevity that will still sound good in years to come, so the release schedule in 2011 will reflect that on both Tsuba and Tsuba Limited (for vinyl only releases).

You’ve been working closely with Justin Drake recently. Can you tell us a bit more about this project??

Justin’s a really good friend so working together it’s very easy going and fun. There’s no pressure so we just have a laugh in the studio & work quickly, which is the best way to do it. The first tracks we did were picked up by 8 Bit and are out this month. We also have a single on the fantastic Fear Of Flying in January. We’re going to be doing some more stuff at the start of 2011& then decide what to do with the tracks.

You have played in pretty much each corner of the world. What was your favourite country to play in and why??

It’s always fun playing abroad & to experience jack Daniels in a different nightclub! ;-). I really enjoyed Berlin last time when tsuba did Watergate and had the most insane time with Justin, Sascha Dive and Spencer Parker. we ended up in Berghain which is a real experience. if there was a night club in mad max, it would definitely be Berghain!!

What was the first record you ever bought??

I think it was Adam & the ants ‘king of the wild frontier’ which I still have. first proper club 12″ was the Oakenfold mixes of happy mondays ‘WFL’ which made me fall in love with house music.

What’s your “musical” guilty pleasure??

Not sure if it’s a guilty pleasure but I love dub & reggae 7″s and have quite a collection. I do mixes every now and again with all that stuff plus movie soundtracks etc which is always nice to listen to on Sunday. other than that it’s probably Katy Perry, who my daughter loves. I could happily watch YouTube videos of Katy Perry all day long!