What have you been up to recently?

I’m working on a lot of new releases to come in 2011: new EP on Barraca, new EP on Time Has Changed, another one on Alessio Mereu’s label Amam & on Bloody Mary’s label Dame Music. I also work on a single for InMotion Music in NYC and I just finished some remixes for Neurotraxx, Homecoming, Blackrose…  Next year I will work also on a new EP with my mate Acumen on Upon You…

The beginning of 2011 looks busy for you with dates already booked with Cocoon & Panorama Bar. What else is in store for next year?

Hey hey, it’s true, it’s a dream for me to play at Panorama & Cocoon, I’m so excited about it. I had the chance to play at Bar 25 this last summer, just 2 weeks before the end, and now I will play in 2 others mythic clubs, I’ m super excited about that ! In 2011 I will also have another Japan tour, my first one was last September and I really enjoyed this country, I love Japanese’s clubbers, there are my little friendly aliens! I will go also on tour for the first time in USA and South America too, I can’t wait for that!

Tell us a bit more about your label “Time Has Changed”??

It’s a really beautiful adventure I’m making with my friend Acumen… I always dreamed to start with a little label, to sign some new artists, and I always dreamt that all the team and the label would become more and more important in the musical scene and grow month after month…  I’m really happy to see that this dream is becoming true quiet quickly! We have a super nice family with home artists and friends’ artists (who appears from time to time) with mates as Carlo Lio, Oxia, Cosmic Cowboys, Marcus Vector & Sierra Sam, Allessio Merieu, Alex Costa, Echonomist, Mihai Popviciu… to name a few… We already have planned exciting releases for 2011: Acumen new EP with Doomwork Remix, Uglh & Federico Locchi, Timid Boy EP with Hermanez Remix, Soukie & Windish, Los Suruba, Cosmic Cowboys, Tom Budden…

You hold down a residency at the Rex Club for the BPitch Control parties. What’s the most memorable gig you had there??

Certainly the first one, it was in 2003 for the release party of « Berlinette ». At this time Ellen really started to be a big electronic star in France, everybody in Paris was so excited by this event. For me, it was a double dream which come true : I always dreamed to play in Rex Club, I passed hours dancing on this club looking at the dj booth, saying to myself « one day I will be at his place », imagining in my head which track I would play if I was the DJ !!! So, I was stressed because this dream was close to coming true. And I was also a big fan of BPitch Control & Ellen Allien, this label gave me again exciting for electronic music, exciting that I lost a bit at the end of the 90’s with ugly french touch and hard techno… So, well, as you could imagine I was super stress… During the dinner with the team and Ellen, it was impossible for me to salute with glasses; my heads were shaking too much!!!  So I pretended that I did not drink alcohol… lol! But, well, when I finally started to play, the stress became a good energy, and the party with a rex club totally full (the party was sold out) was amazing, with a lot of positive energy on the dancefloor… that’s one of my best memories… Playing 3 years after Paul Kalkbrenner in a Rex club totally compact and hysteric (Paul was already really popular in France) stay a wonderful memory too…

Who’s been a big influence on your sound??

On my sound, I don’t know, it’s difficult to say, but I could say who gave me love for electronic music: people like Jeff Mills, I was really into techno music, and Jeff was the first DJ I started to look at during his set, he’s like a cat, so smart, quick and intelligent… Derrick Carter is the one who made me love house music. I also really like Aphex Twin, “Ambient Works series” is one of my favourite electronic stuff. Plastkiman was also so important: I loved the logo, the lsd influences, and the music, so beautiful, crazy, subtle…

Biggest Bomb to drop on the dancefloor??

Well, to start the night: Lee Foss « U Got Me » on Hot Creations and Cosmic Cowboys “Do My Best” on Time Has Changed are 2 of my favourite’s tunes since months. Middle of the night : Marco Ressmann “Drop Outz » Is dope, all recent Christian Burkhardt releases too, and some remixes I made with my mate Acumen, for example the one we made for Alex Dolby on Carlo Lio’s label Rawthentic and for High Definition Records ; and to conclude the night : Coma Cat  « Tensnake » is always perfect J.


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