So, you were one half of the brains behind the infamous WiSH parties. What was one of your most memorable night?

Too many to count really, we had so much fun doing it. but one night that really sticks as an outstanding memory was our last night in Paris. the atmosphere was electric, crowd were so happy and soaked up every single beat and our headliner Brendon Moeller was completely inspiring.

You took WiSH from Room 3 of Fabric to Gay Old Paris and even to the Lovebox festival last summer. Did you ever think that your baby that started in a soho basement would grown into an uncontrollable monster??

Not at all. Wish started as a party we put on for a friend’s birthday and grew from there. As the years went on our dreams for it grew. We were very blessed to get where we did with Wish. Such good memories.

Who were your biggest influences when you first started DJ-ing??

When I started djing, I was into a mix of hard house and soulful house. that was the ‘big thing’ back then so guys like Tony De Vit, Sasha and Digweed, and one of faves, Tony Humphries. But of course over time my taste changed and so did my influences.

You’ve played with some pretty big heavy weights like Jennifer Cardini, Chloe, Kabale and Liebe, Brendon Moeller to name a few…. Who did you feel most inspired by and why??

Well that would have to be Jennifer Cardini. She plays from her heart with 100% feeling which is how I like to play. There’s no point playing if you don’t intend on making people feel good, and she does that so so well. But have to say i completely lost myself in Brendon Moeller’s set – now that’s the sign of a seriously good dj!

What was the first record you ever bought??

The first record i ever bought for myself before i even started djing? (remember when i was a kid they had just as much vinyl in HMV as they had cds). So if that’s the question then its an embarrassing buy, Lionel Richie’s ‘Dancing On The Ceiling’ (there goes my street cred). but first ever record i bought for djing was ‘Keep On Jumping’ Lisa Marie Experience. it’s a house classic now, back then it was hot property.

What best describes the “Kath Harding” style??

hmm that’s a difficult one, i’m never completely comfortable talking about my own style. But I suppose I’m all about feeling when i play. I tend to play instinctively and make decisions on which ‘way to go’ as i see how the crowd is responding. Love my tech house and techno and always happy to throw in a choice disco treat or something ‘out of place’ to spice things up –  plenty deep driving basslines that sing their own tune.

Weirdest thing you’ve ever seen in a club??

i think after so many years clubbing weird starts to become normality and nothing shocks. I think i’ve probably seen it all. Or, maybe i’m the weirdest one in the club – i am a bit of a weirdo. ha!