So tell us a bit about what you have been upto so far this year??

This year has been busy for me as I had two records out – one on my mother label mobilee and another on one of my favorite labels, 2020vision. Anja Schneider and I also produced a track for Heidi’s Jackathon compilation on Get Physical! Special moments of the year were the mobilee parties at Sonar, which were some of the best yet, with a great party at the Hotel Diagonal and a couple of other really cool mobilee events.

What’s to come for the rest of 2011??

For the rest of 2011 I will be working on new material in my studio with my BAND project.

When people think of And.Id, they think of the iconic trumpet. What gave you the idea to incorporate into your live shows??

It was back in 2008 that we were preparing the main stage at Reworks festival in Thessaloniki. It was my turn for soundcheck and we were joking with one of the co-organizers of the festival about using my trumpet during my live performance.

At that time I was living in greece so I ran home and I took the trumpet with me to sound test it. The result was really cool, so later on I played in front of 2,000 people and they went totally mad so that was it!

Now I keep using it in some special live shows that I do!

Who’s been your biggest influence musically??

There are so many great artists and good music that influence me. Whether it’s Jazz, Rock, Folk, Hip Hop, Electronica or whatever….

You’ve collaborated with some great artists such as Sebo K, Anja Schneider, Matthias Schaffhauser, is there anyone you’re itching to work with in the future??

There are so many great artists out there! There is one guy named Giannis Aggelakas who is a Greek songwriter that I admire. The English adult audience might remember him performing live with the “trypes” band back in the 90s in some crazy venues in London!!  He is a more rock orientated artist, so it would be interesting to sit one day together in the studio.

When your not on the road performing, what do you get up to??

I spend most of the time in the studio and relaxing with friends.

What’s your musical guilty pleasure??

I don’t have a musical guilty pleasure!