Founded in 2005 by Anja Schneider & Ralf Kollmann, Mobilee is one of the most innovative labels around!! Based on the timeworn structures of house and techno, mobilee’s approach is a triple threat: its records reference vintage dancefloor minimalism, trade ideas with like-minded contemporaries, and suggest surprising new directions for a genre that has weathered both hype and backlash—yet keeps on clicking.

Mobilee boasts a wide range of releases from Artists such as Anja Schneider, Maya Jane Coles, Sebo K, Dan Curtin, And.Id, Miss Jools….. which makes it one of the most desired labels around.

Mobilee 083 – Walk Away –  Miss Jools

Not only do Mobilee focus on releases, but also they put on some pretty damn impressive parties too! This year Mobilee threw monster parties at Sonar at the Hotel Diagonal, Barcelona’s City Hall & even a cruise…  To check out what Mobilee got upto at Sonar please visit HERE

For more info on Mobilee Records & their Artists please check out the links Below.!/mobilee