Tell us a bit about what you have been up to 2011??
A bit of everything, I am the man with three jobs! First and foremost I have been producing new tracks like a madman, sending out demos and trying to sign with labels outside of our Clink & Limited-400 circle. I have also been super busy building a bigger clientele base in our mastering studio & cutting room here in Berlin. This year, between my studio partner Grinser and I, we have mastered countless 12″ vinyl projects, but our 2011 claim to fame was finalizing Plastikman’s Arkives, which was 15 album CD’s, an 8 piece vinyl box set and loads of Plastikman remixes. Meanwhile taking on oodles of new clients! We specialize in analog mastering, digital finalizing and cutting master lacquer plates for vinyl manufacturing. Between all the studio madness I have been releasing quite a lot of projects on my Limited-400 imprint with remix’s from the likes of Mark Broom, Dustin Zahn, Tony Rohr and working with Queens New York vocalist George (G-tech) Rontiris. Its been a busy year!

What’s in-store for 2012??
I’m gonna start a new album in late January. I have some pretty crafty ideas and a new direction, but cannot divulge my new demolition plan here,….. Otherwise its business as usual: Producing :: Remixing :: Traveling :: and Mastering!

So, how did Clink Records come about??
Circa 2005-2007 Camea and I were living in Fort Greene Brooklyn in at the old cutting studio. It was half studio and half living quarters type hybrid above a corner store bodega. Tony Rohr and Grant Arron (Inside-out) were our neighbours around the way. We met and hung out frequently! We were all producing and dreaming up projects and event ideas and the natural progression pushed us all to start Clink recordings. At the time I was mastering a grip of labels for Dietrich Schoenemann’s “Complete Distribution” label group, so it was easy for us to plug in a distribution deal. The first release was a full side main floor monster produced by Tony Rohr & I under the Afternoon Coffee Boys moniker, matched with a Camea remix and an Insideout remix. Clink-001 sold 3,200 vinyl units in 2005 and it was a hit. I think we all agreed quality and a modern art direction were key to expressing our vision at the time. Over the past 6 years Clink has progressed with modern trend shifts, etc….and we have more good things planned for 2012!

Will there be follow up to Clinkology Vol.1 [Camea]?
I’m doing the next Clinkology!! Its a work in progress…

What made you move from the US to Berlin??
Moving to Berlin was just all a part of Camea and I natural progression. Our releases and projects were doing well over sea’s and the scene in the EU in general was much more attractive to us. We already had friends living in Berlin and going on and on about how great it was, we just decided to uproot ourselves and go for it. In the process we moved our dog Sigmund and my massive Scully cutting lathe! It’s also no secret Berlin incredibly inexpensive, which is nice after a 4 year hustle in NYC.

What’s your favorite city/country you’ve played in??
Hands down I LOVE playing at WOMB club in Tokyo! The whole experience is loaded with “wow moments”!

What’s your top 5 tunes at the moment??
Deetron / Croque (Original Mix) / Balance Music

Carlo Lio & Coyu / Mike Loves The Horn (Edwin Oosterwal’s rmx) / Armada Music

Hobo / Camlachie (Original Album Track) / Minus

Psyk / Kraft / Enemy records

The Mechanists / Antigone Forbidden Works (Zadig Remix) / Construct Reform

What’s your musical guilty pleasure??
Ha! I wouldn’t say I have any real “guilt” in what I listen to other than maybe old “Wesley Willis” songs (Who is a Chicago Cult classic). On my iPod this very moment: Studio One Roots Reggae, The Police, Men at Work, Suicide, Heaven 17, DEVO, Prince, Tony Allen, The Smiths, Prank Phone Calls, GG-Allin, Minor Threat,…..

Tim will be headlining our 3rd Birthday Party at Basing House on the 14th of Jan. Early bird tickets from RA still available here

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