So where did the name Dachshund come from??

When I released my first track, the label manager said to me: ok, we will send the track now, what’s your artist name? I was like.. Gosh! I don’t have a moniker for this project, so I looked into a “Pentone Color” Book. Every color had a certain name, then I wrote 5 of them down and chose between them. Dachshund sounded good to my ears even if I didn’t know the meaning. Then I checked on the web and realized that it was a dog name, but not any one, the sausage one! I hesitated one second but then decided to go for it!

The funny thing is that only English and German speakers are able to pronounce it correctly.

Did you grow up knowing you wanted to be an Artist/DJ?? 

Not really. I had no idea… I started to work as an independent tailor when I was 19. But besides this I was playing guitar in reggae bands and I took some courses of “electro-acoustic music” at the conservatory. It gave me the possibility to use their studio. I was spending hours there experimenting on sound design, working on samplers, analogue modular, etc.. the passion started here. After that I played as DJ and started my own productions.

What’s the worse job you’ve ever had??

Cleaning dishes in the cafeteria of a famous watch factory. The job itself is not hard but having hands in the water all day can cause some troubles, especially when you cut yourself with the knives and the dishes like I did.

Tell us a bit what 2012 has instore for you??

For the moment I’m working on an album and I also have a few remixes on the desk. I’m also planning to be more concentrated on Clapper, the label we’re running with Quenum. After the next EP, we will release a remix compilation with friends or producers that we like. We keep the names secret for the moment but we’re very excited about this project.

I will also move my studio in a few months to another place, but that’s another story..

So when your not busy in the studio or on the road gigging, what do you get up to??

I’ve got a part time job in a music store and the rest of my time I like swimming in “Le Rhône” the river that crosses the city where I live, Geneva. I also like going for a walk in the nature, seeing friends, windsurfing, playing “Jass” (a swiss card game), eating great meals, cooking, relaxing, discovering new places, but I don’t get enough time to do all these things.

What’s been your biggest achievement to date??

It’s probably the fact to play outside of Switzerland. I think I’m lucky. Many good DJs don’t have this chance. I’ll be always thankful for that. Allelujah!

Name your style??

Dance-music for dogs