So tell us a bit about what you have been upto so far in 2012??

I’ve worked on an EP that’s come out on Serialism. My next release is one track i produced with Dachshund -on Get Physical records. Then we got another EP coming out on Rebellion. And I’ve continued to work on my album. I’ve been very busy in the studio.
Over the years you have helped set up some very respected labels from Access 58, Cadenza to more recently Clapper. Which one are you most proud of?? 

I’m proud of all of them. Each one gave me a lot of satisfaction when I was setting it up. It’s a continuation, a kind of logical progression going from one to the next.
So where did your musical journey begin??

That’s too long to answer! I think it started at home, my parents listened to everything, soul, jazz, african music, reggae, caribbean music, french songs, just everything. That stereo was on the whole time. Before DJing I was into dance, in a jazz dance school, then in a professional breakdance group. My younger brother is still a dancer and a choreographer.
What has been your favourite gig to date??

That’s impossible to answer! Each party gives me a different feeling, a particular emotion, you can’t compare them because each one is unique. What really makes the difference is the people, the crowd, the promoter, some friends I meet. It’s those relationships that make a party great.
Tell us your musical guilty pleasure??

I love gospel, but I don’t think it’s really a guilty pleasure, just a bit unusual for a techno artist.

What are the top five tunes floating your boat at the moment??

1 René Breitbarth – Crackle – Deep Data

2 Dandy Jack – Hamlet Machine ( Lad isakifly remix) Caduceus records

3 Alejandro Vivanco – melodia – Sound Architecture Records

4 Daxta – Sun spot – Sirius Pandi

5 Whomadewho – Running Man – Kompakt