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So Tom its been a busy year 2012 for you, Tell us a bit more what you have been upto??2012 has been absolutely great year, production wise as well as playing so many good gigs. Absolute highlights were the Dutch festivals like Welcome to The Future festival, playing Trouw in Amsterdam and Sonar Barcelona. 

What’s your plans for 2013??
In 2013 I plan to make much, much more music. I have a couple of releases coming out including another track (called ‘S for Sticky’) for the next Hot Waves Compilation. Also travelling the world for gigs, I’m looking forward to your birthday celebration in London and playing in Tokyo for the first time as well.

Where did your musical journey start??
It all started growing up, just listening to music and when I was a teenager going to big techno parties. The first time I went to Awakenings Festival I saw Melon and Villalobos playing at the mainstage, this was definitely an ‘awakening’ for me.

Who’s been your biggest influence/s??
I like to listen to music from the past for inspiration. I have a lot of artists I got inspired by, like Ludovic Navarre (St. Germain), Todd Terry, Prince, Michael Jackson and many more, but I don’t think that is the only source of inspiration, many things in life are.

What was the first record you ever bought??
My first Vinyl Record I bought was from David Labeij (Choose Red on Sushitech), but the first music I bought myself was a cassette tape from Paul Johnson – Get down.. Quit funny, because I was 10 I think.

What’s the best gig you have ever played??
My first live set at Welcome To The Future 2010 (Hollands best festival) definitely.

Weirdest thing you’ve ever seen in a club??
The new generation of shuffling kids

Describe your sound in 5 words??
Energy, Steady, Sexy, Hally, Berry

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So its been a while since we caught up with you last. Tell us a bit what you have been upto to recently??

I’m working on my album right now and at the same time I’ve been busy setting up my new studio, taking care of painting, soundproofing etc…The last place I was in was demolished a few weeks ago, and the artists staying there, including myself, were moved to a new building. It’s really cool, near the river, in an old fabric and we’re a bunch of artists together, with Dachshund, the Young Gods and others.

You’ve had some pretty cool releases so far this year, other than your EP for MOOCH Recordings what else is in the pipeline for release??

I’m working on a remix for Circle Music (Alex Flatner) and an EP for a new Geneva label called Caduceus Records. I’m also working on an EP for Resolute (New York), . One of my tracks is on the upcoming compilation on Crosstown Rebels called Day Zero.

Where does your inspiration come from in the studio??

It comes from so many things, like traveling, but also all different kinds of artistic productions like dance, music concerts, etc… I don’t go as often as that, but I’m very open to these influences. But mostly it comes from working. I’m hard-working and I spend a lot of hours in the studio, that’s what builds up as inspiration.


Tell us more about your studio??

I don’t have tons of gear. For example, recently I had to move out of my studio (the building was being demolished) and I brought home just my computer, mixing table, speakers and one analogic synthesizer. I worked with just that for two months, and it was fine. When I go back to my new studio in about 3 weeks, I’ll set up the rest of my gear, but it’s not that much. I have a few more analogic synths, some effects processors and also virtual stuff in my computer. My studio is kind of basic.

What’s your dream piece of Kit??

I don’t have any. I think you can do incredible music with very simple stuff. What’s important is to have good ideas.

If you didn’t work in the music industry what would you dream job be??

Dancer with the Alvin Ailey Company. I actually started as a dancer (modern jazz and breakdance) before being a DJ. I admire dancers so much, it’s really hard work and so tough on the body.

What’s your top 3 artists thats exciting you at the moment??

Moodyman, Cesare vs Disorder, Carl Craig

So tell us a bit about what you have been up to this year with the label and your productions ?

2012 has been an important step for my label Dissonant. After having launched the first 8 vinyls with my own productions (last year) to settle the label’s musical line, I could enjoy welcoming on Dissonant artists offering the music that I love : tINI, Re-UP and Leix have had very well acclaimed releases this year on Dissonant.

On the production side, I try to experiment new ways, but trying to keep on this sexy organic deep techno which moves me like no other music at that time.

You’ve become a regular fixture at Marco Carola’s Music on in Ibiza this season. How did that come about ?

Marco Carola is a real passionated music lover, until last year we didn’t really know each other, but he contacted me for his Music On party just because I liked the music 🙂

And the Music On party in Ibiza blowed all expectations : it’s really banging, with proper underground music and big friendly atmosphere.

Where did your musical journey begin ?

I first got in touch with electronic music in 2004 as a clubber. And as I always had track ideas in my head when I came back home, I decided to start producing music. I started playing live in clubs, and after a year I switched to DJing with the need to widen the music I played.

Whats your plans for the future with dissonant ?

We have currently very good projects by new artists forthcoming, and I will continue releasing on Dissonant some of my own productions too.

What’s your top 5 tunes at the moment ?

– Butane – A rave mistake (2012 Mix)

– Fumiya Tanaka – Ring Bell

– Leix – Dumnezeu

– Medeew, Chicks Luv Us – High Grade (Vid Remix)

– Bobby Gasparakis – Tension Care

Describe your sound in 5 words ?

Sexy organic swinging deep techno…

What’s the weirdest thing you’ve seen in a club ?

I was playing in a club, and suddenly came a kind of show organised by the promoter consisting of a girl being hooked by its piercing on the back and lifted until the rooftop… Really strange !

So tell us a bit about what you have been upto so far in 2012??

I’ve worked on an EP that’s come out on Serialism. My next release is one track i produced with Dachshund -on Get Physical records. Then we got another EP coming out on Rebellion. And I’ve continued to work on my album. I’ve been very busy in the studio.
Over the years you have helped set up some very respected labels from Access 58, Cadenza to more recently Clapper. Which one are you most proud of?? 

I’m proud of all of them. Each one gave me a lot of satisfaction when I was setting it up. It’s a continuation, a kind of logical progression going from one to the next.
So where did your musical journey begin??

That’s too long to answer! I think it started at home, my parents listened to everything, soul, jazz, african music, reggae, caribbean music, french songs, just everything. That stereo was on the whole time. Before DJing I was into dance, in a jazz dance school, then in a professional breakdance group. My younger brother is still a dancer and a choreographer.
What has been your favourite gig to date??

That’s impossible to answer! Each party gives me a different feeling, a particular emotion, you can’t compare them because each one is unique. What really makes the difference is the people, the crowd, the promoter, some friends I meet. It’s those relationships that make a party great.
Tell us your musical guilty pleasure??

I love gospel, but I don’t think it’s really a guilty pleasure, just a bit unusual for a techno artist.

What are the top five tunes floating your boat at the moment??

1 René Breitbarth – Crackle – Deep Data

2 Dandy Jack – Hamlet Machine ( Lad isakifly remix) Caduceus records

3 Alejandro Vivanco – melodia – Sound Architecture Records

4 Daxta – Sun spot – Sirius Pandi

5 Whomadewho – Running Man – Kompakt


So tell you a bit about what you have been upto this year so far??

So far this year started pretty cool I got my new setup for my studio ready .. and started a lot on working on my new stuff for this year 🙂

So you have some cool new release’s coming out soon, tell us a bit more about these tracks??

In summer there will be my release on “This and That” label which is the new label from Davide Squillace which I’m really looking forward. I have also done a remix for Matteo Spedicati & Vito which is also for “This and That” label. There will be an exclusive track for a compilation for Steve Lawler’s “Viva Music”. I’m also working together with Johannes Heil on a new release. Beside all of this, a ton of remixes for artists such as Peter Horrevorts, Per Hammer, Danny Serrano, Olderic.

You also have a different alias “Bad Pimps” with G-Force, tell us a bit more about this project??

Oh yeah hehe.. Bad Pimps. This was and is a fun project, with one of my best friends, Stanny Franssen. The main subject behind this is to combine old funky soul & hip hop tracks EG, James Brown / 2 live crew /  George Clinton etc,  with kinda funky techno. So when we had gigs together, it was a combination of an live performance and dj’ing … we spinned regular tracks and I jammed over those old classics, and the greatest thing about it was that everytime you see the people dancing with a big smile in their face 🙂 ….. there’s video on youtube where we played at Nature One.
What’s been your favourite gig to date??

Kinda hard to say because so many gigs have special storys to tell, but of course a huge shout out to the party people of Melbourne that was a insane experience. I have had a  lot of my favorite gigs there!

Who were your influences when you first started getting into music??

To be honest  it was just old computer games. I really felt into love of that chip music… that was the reason why I got me a commodore c-64  and to play around with soundmonitor to create my first freaky songs hehe, and well of course I used it also to play games 🙂
What was the first record you ever bought??

Oh this is soooo hard to tell because my parents had  tooooons of records… from Wilson Picket, Groover Washington to Deep Purple and Santana, SOS band,  Gap band and so on… so I had all the time kinda cool music around me. But the funny thing is the first record I bought wasn’t a music record… it was a record from a german comedian Otto Walkes… sigh 😉 sorry no cool stuff to tell here… haha!

What are your top 5 tracks that are making you buzz at the moment??

Max Cooper – Raw

EDA – Amy From My House

Burial – Archangel (Saso recyd Edit)

Diego Hostettler & Absent She’s not worth it (Alexander Kowalski Remix)

Matteo Spedicati & Vito – Eliptical Nighs (Patrick Lindsey Remix)


So where did the name Dachshund come from??

When I released my first track, the label manager said to me: ok, we will send the track now, what’s your artist name? I was like.. Gosh! I don’t have a moniker for this project, so I looked into a “Pentone Color” Book. Every color had a certain name, then I wrote 5 of them down and chose between them. Dachshund sounded good to my ears even if I didn’t know the meaning. Then I checked on the web and realized that it was a dog name, but not any one, the sausage one! I hesitated one second but then decided to go for it!

The funny thing is that only English and German speakers are able to pronounce it correctly.

Did you grow up knowing you wanted to be an Artist/DJ?? 

Not really. I had no idea… I started to work as an independent tailor when I was 19. But besides this I was playing guitar in reggae bands and I took some courses of “electro-acoustic music” at the conservatory. It gave me the possibility to use their studio. I was spending hours there experimenting on sound design, working on samplers, analogue modular, etc.. the passion started here. After that I played as DJ and started my own productions.

What’s the worse job you’ve ever had??

Cleaning dishes in the cafeteria of a famous watch factory. The job itself is not hard but having hands in the water all day can cause some troubles, especially when you cut yourself with the knives and the dishes like I did.

Tell us a bit what 2012 has instore for you??

For the moment I’m working on an album and I also have a few remixes on the desk. I’m also planning to be more concentrated on Clapper, the label we’re running with Quenum. After the next EP, we will release a remix compilation with friends or producers that we like. We keep the names secret for the moment but we’re very excited about this project.

I will also move my studio in a few months to another place, but that’s another story..

So when your not busy in the studio or on the road gigging, what do you get up to??

I’ve got a part time job in a music store and the rest of my time I like swimming in “Le Rhône” the river that crosses the city where I live, Geneva. I also like going for a walk in the nature, seeing friends, windsurfing, playing “Jass” (a swiss card game), eating great meals, cooking, relaxing, discovering new places, but I don’t get enough time to do all these things.

What’s been your biggest achievement to date??

It’s probably the fact to play outside of Switzerland. I think I’m lucky. Many good DJs don’t have this chance. I’ll be always thankful for that. Allelujah!

Name your style??

Dance-music for dogs

Tell us a bit about what you have been up to 2011??
A bit of everything, I am the man with three jobs! First and foremost I have been producing new tracks like a madman, sending out demos and trying to sign with labels outside of our Clink & Limited-400 circle. I have also been super busy building a bigger clientele base in our mastering studio & cutting room here in Berlin. This year, between my studio partner Grinser and I, we have mastered countless 12″ vinyl projects, but our 2011 claim to fame was finalizing Plastikman’s Arkives, which was 15 album CD’s, an 8 piece vinyl box set and loads of Plastikman remixes. Meanwhile taking on oodles of new clients! We specialize in analog mastering, digital finalizing and cutting master lacquer plates for vinyl manufacturing. Between all the studio madness I have been releasing quite a lot of projects on my Limited-400 imprint with remix’s from the likes of Mark Broom, Dustin Zahn, Tony Rohr and working with Queens New York vocalist George (G-tech) Rontiris. Its been a busy year!

What’s in-store for 2012??
I’m gonna start a new album in late January. I have some pretty crafty ideas and a new direction, but cannot divulge my new demolition plan here,….. Otherwise its business as usual: Producing :: Remixing :: Traveling :: and Mastering!

So, how did Clink Records come about??
Circa 2005-2007 Camea and I were living in Fort Greene Brooklyn in at the old cutting studio. It was half studio and half living quarters type hybrid above a corner store bodega. Tony Rohr and Grant Arron (Inside-out) were our neighbours around the way. We met and hung out frequently! We were all producing and dreaming up projects and event ideas and the natural progression pushed us all to start Clink recordings. At the time I was mastering a grip of labels for Dietrich Schoenemann’s “Complete Distribution” label group, so it was easy for us to plug in a distribution deal. The first release was a full side main floor monster produced by Tony Rohr & I under the Afternoon Coffee Boys moniker, matched with a Camea remix and an Insideout remix. Clink-001 sold 3,200 vinyl units in 2005 and it was a hit. I think we all agreed quality and a modern art direction were key to expressing our vision at the time. Over the past 6 years Clink has progressed with modern trend shifts, etc….and we have more good things planned for 2012!

Will there be follow up to Clinkology Vol.1 [Camea]?
I’m doing the next Clinkology!! Its a work in progress…

What made you move from the US to Berlin??
Moving to Berlin was just all a part of Camea and I natural progression. Our releases and projects were doing well over sea’s and the scene in the EU in general was much more attractive to us. We already had friends living in Berlin and going on and on about how great it was, we just decided to uproot ourselves and go for it. In the process we moved our dog Sigmund and my massive Scully cutting lathe! It’s also no secret Berlin incredibly inexpensive, which is nice after a 4 year hustle in NYC.

What’s your favorite city/country you’ve played in??
Hands down I LOVE playing at WOMB club in Tokyo! The whole experience is loaded with “wow moments”!

What’s your top 5 tunes at the moment??
Deetron / Croque (Original Mix) / Balance Music

Carlo Lio & Coyu / Mike Loves The Horn (Edwin Oosterwal’s rmx) / Armada Music

Hobo / Camlachie (Original Album Track) / Minus

Psyk / Kraft / Enemy records

The Mechanists / Antigone Forbidden Works (Zadig Remix) / Construct Reform

What’s your musical guilty pleasure??
Ha! I wouldn’t say I have any real “guilt” in what I listen to other than maybe old “Wesley Willis” songs (Who is a Chicago Cult classic). On my iPod this very moment: Studio One Roots Reggae, The Police, Men at Work, Suicide, Heaven 17, DEVO, Prince, Tony Allen, The Smiths, Prank Phone Calls, GG-Allin, Minor Threat,…..

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So tell us a bit about what you have been upto so far this year??

This year has been busy for me as I had two records out – one on my mother label mobilee and another on one of my favorite labels, 2020vision. Anja Schneider and I also produced a track for Heidi’s Jackathon compilation on Get Physical! Special moments of the year were the mobilee parties at Sonar, which were some of the best yet, with a great party at the Hotel Diagonal and a couple of other really cool mobilee events.

What’s to come for the rest of 2011??

For the rest of 2011 I will be working on new material in my studio with my BAND project.

When people think of And.Id, they think of the iconic trumpet. What gave you the idea to incorporate into your live shows??

It was back in 2008 that we were preparing the main stage at Reworks festival in Thessaloniki. It was my turn for soundcheck and we were joking with one of the co-organizers of the festival about using my trumpet during my live performance.

At that time I was living in greece so I ran home and I took the trumpet with me to sound test it. The result was really cool, so later on I played in front of 2,000 people and they went totally mad so that was it!

Now I keep using it in some special live shows that I do!

Who’s been your biggest influence musically??

There are so many great artists and good music that influence me. Whether it’s Jazz, Rock, Folk, Hip Hop, Electronica or whatever….

You’ve collaborated with some great artists such as Sebo K, Anja Schneider, Matthias Schaffhauser, is there anyone you’re itching to work with in the future??

There are so many great artists out there! There is one guy named Giannis Aggelakas who is a Greek songwriter that I admire. The English adult audience might remember him performing live with the “trypes” band back in the 90s in some crazy venues in London!!  He is a more rock orientated artist, so it would be interesting to sit one day together in the studio.

When your not on the road performing, what do you get up to??

I spend most of the time in the studio and relaxing with friends.

What’s your musical guilty pleasure??

I don’t have a musical guilty pleasure!

Where did your musical journey begin??
My Career started in 2000 in south of italy where I was born ……

Who were your biggest influences when you first started DJ-ing?? My DJ Influences are, Frankie Knuckles, Ron Trent, Lil Louis, Larry Heard, Derrick May and many More.

2010 was a big year for you production wise, with your releases being signed up on “Off”, “VIVa music” & “Safari Electronique”. What do you have planned for the later part of 2011 release wise??

Yes it was a great year. I’m going to release soon an EP on Carillon Records, plus I have a release on Fumakilla and another one, more techno style on Gynoid, that is the new label from Australia. There are two big mixes from Arnaud Le Texier and Mark Broom. I also have another release coming out on Safari too.

Your one of the mover’s a shakers on the london scene. What’s your favourite party to play at in London and why??

At the moment my favourite one is “One More” party, but it is always nice to play at Fabric as well.

Top 5 tunes at the moment??

1 – Function – Feed Forward – Sandwell District

2 – Pfirter – Universe – Stroboscopic Arte

3 – Relay – Untitled 1 – 3 – Nahed Index

4  – Arnaud Le Texier – Elusanes – Cocoon Recordings

5 – Unknown Artist – Frozen Border 08  – Frozen Border

Tell us a bit about what you have been upto recently??

Recently I have been fortunate enough to play some great gigs (including Saved & Circo Loco, K4 in Slovenia and this Sunday WetYourSelf at fabric) and have been busy in the studio with remixes and new e.p’s.

What got you into music production??

It was a natural progression, I learnt the piano when I was younger and have always been obsessed with music, programs like Ableton make it easier for people to make music now.

You must have been chuffed with being signed up to labels Steve Bug’s “Dessous” & Geddes “Murmur”, what other releases have you got planned for the near future??

I was extremely chuffed to be on either of these labels as well as the other great labels I have been fortunate to work with. I have just released a 3 track e.p on Gorge’s Katchuli and 2 remixes on Microzoo and Act Natural, I have my second e.p on Dogmatik with a Bearweasel Remix and have remixes coming up of Robert Owens – I’ll Be Your Friend on 1Trax which is part of a massive package, remixes on BlueSoul and 3a.m Recordings and am finishing off some other e.p’s too.

What music is exciting you at the moment??

The best track I have heard recently is Ed Davenports – More Red Lights Dub Mix on NRK but in general recently I am most excited by going through all the old vinyl and listening to tracks from 1992-1998, some of this music shits all over some stuff I hear now and its important it doesn’t get forgotten because it sounds as fresh 19 years on.

What’s been your favourite gig to date??

Recent gigs funnily enough, Saved and Circo Loco was a great party and K4 Klub in Ljubiana this weekend was so much fun. I am really excited about playing for WYS and for you!

Favourite Track of all time??

If I could pick atleast 5 this question would be bit easier but if I have to choose it would have to be either Massive Attack – Protection or Tear Drop, Dirty Vegas – Ghosts or Aphex Twin – Windowlicker, which is not one, these are amongst so many greats over the last 20 years I can’t possibly choose!

So what have you been up to recently??

We recently got back from a 3 date tour of Brazil. We played at the infamous D-Edge in Sao Paulo and some cool parties in Belo Horizonte and Foz do Igucu where the waterfalls are. We got to visit the falls the day after the gig, it was one of the most amazing natural spectacles we’ve witnessed and to top it off the place was crawling with wild Goati’s, which looks like a cross between an Armadillo and a Raccoon.

We’ve been doing some new music too, a remix of Hugo’s track “Don’t stop the beat” on his label Goodvibe which is a jaunty acid house number. We’ve also remixed a friend of ours from San Francisco, Kevin Knapp with the track “Like this” which is on Leftroom and is more driving house style. Both of those are out this week.

We’ve been spending a lot of time giving our DJing style an overhaul because there’s loads of good music coming out in the acid and deep house styles which is really exciting compared to the generic tech house drivel that’s been flooding the market for the past year. We’ve done a podcast which is up on soundcloud and showcases more of this new style. It’s had very positive feedback so far so it looks like it was a good decision.

You have played in pretty much every corner of the world. Which country parties the best??

Everywhere has it’s merit’s but for consistency I think north Mexico has to take the biscuit. Places like Tijuana, Juarez (all though it’s a bit hot there at the moment with the gang wars), Mexicali and so on. The crowds are always bang up for it every time and the fans are so keen, you get asked to sign just about whatever they can get their hands on.

You guys run “Gruuv” together. Tell us a bit more about the label??

We started the label because we’ve matured over the years in the music industry and wanted to start to build something for the future with Audiojack as a base. We wanted to build a brand that will eventually have the label, a booking agency and be able to run parties and so forth so when we get a bit older we’ve got the option to ease off the touring without having to exit the music industry. So far the label’s been really successful, our last release hit the No.1 spot on Beatport and every release has hit the top 10 in it’s genre. Now, one year in we’ve got more established artists wanting to release on the label and a clear view of where we’re going with it so I think we could start to become a serious player on the underground dance scene.

What’s in store for the rest of 2011??

We’re working on original productions for both our label and a long player on 2020 Vision, we’ll try and get a couple of remix in there too but the production schedule’s going to be quite tight. We’re doing more work on our live show which we hope to be able to have ready for the release on 2020Vision. We’re going to be expanding and developing Gruuv more with releases lined up from Uner, London FM, Deepgroove & Wehbba with artists such as HOSH, Luna city express, Vincenzo and Martin Dawson in for remixes.

First record you ever bought??

Jamie: Paul Abdul – Opposites attract (as a young child)

Rich: Elvis Greatest Hits on tape or for an actual record I think it was Nightcrawlers – Push the Feelin On

What do you guys get upto when your not gigging??

Jamie: I love cooking and eating out, playing basketball and going to the gym. I also go out to clubs and have marathon parties with our mates. Been getting into a bit of gardening now so the place looks nice for having BBQ’s n stuff. I’m also a bit of a film lover and have a pretty huge DVD collection.

Rich: pretty similar really, I love cooking, its one of the few things that relaxes me and takes my mind of music and label stuff! I’m not as exercise friendly as Jamie and won’t go in a gym, but I don’t mind jogging now and then or swimming. Having recently quit smoking (3 months) I’ve found a lot of my choices this year has been based around reducing the desire to smoke. I like playing poker, football and going anywhere warm.

So 2010 was a big year for you. What can we expect from 2011??

2010 has been really cool for me. I just hope 2011 will be better. I am still working on some new remixes and I ll be finishing my next eps right after that.I am also going to play all around Europe and in new places like the US or China so I am really excited.

You are one half of “Handycraft” with Paul Ritch. Tell us more about this project??

Paul and I are close friends so as soon as we learned to make music with our computers we started to work together. Handycraft is like a playground were we can mix our two styles. We did only one ep, two remixes and one track but we are planning to release something again soon. We already finished one track.


Who would you say, was your biggest influence as a DJ??

My biggest influence as a DJ is Laurent Garnier. I am less into his stuff now but he was really an inspiration to me for years.


What’s been your biggest achievement to date??

I dont have one particular release or gigs that I consider my biggest achievement. I am really happy and lucky that some people enjoy my music and that I can make a living out of it.


Top 5 tunes at the moment??

Simon Garcia – Drive Thru – Quartz

Stuffa – Proof FCL Remix

Moodymanc – Black Paint Larry Heard remix – Tsuba

Maceo Plex – Your Style – Crosstown rebel

Okain – Corner Boys – Jetaime Records


What’s you musical guilty pleasure??

I am a big fan of old school french hip hop! yeah I am breakdancing in my living rooooom 🙂

So, you were one half of the brains behind the infamous WiSH parties. What was one of your most memorable night?

Too many to count really, we had so much fun doing it. but one night that really sticks as an outstanding memory was our last night in Paris. the atmosphere was electric, crowd were so happy and soaked up every single beat and our headliner Brendon Moeller was completely inspiring.

You took WiSH from Room 3 of Fabric to Gay Old Paris and even to the Lovebox festival last summer. Did you ever think that your baby that started in a soho basement would grown into an uncontrollable monster??

Not at all. Wish started as a party we put on for a friend’s birthday and grew from there. As the years went on our dreams for it grew. We were very blessed to get where we did with Wish. Such good memories.

Who were your biggest influences when you first started DJ-ing??

When I started djing, I was into a mix of hard house and soulful house. that was the ‘big thing’ back then so guys like Tony De Vit, Sasha and Digweed, and one of faves, Tony Humphries. But of course over time my taste changed and so did my influences.

You’ve played with some pretty big heavy weights like Jennifer Cardini, Chloe, Kabale and Liebe, Brendon Moeller to name a few…. Who did you feel most inspired by and why??

Well that would have to be Jennifer Cardini. She plays from her heart with 100% feeling which is how I like to play. There’s no point playing if you don’t intend on making people feel good, and she does that so so well. But have to say i completely lost myself in Brendon Moeller’s set – now that’s the sign of a seriously good dj!

What was the first record you ever bought??

The first record i ever bought for myself before i even started djing? (remember when i was a kid they had just as much vinyl in HMV as they had cds). So if that’s the question then its an embarrassing buy, Lionel Richie’s ‘Dancing On The Ceiling’ (there goes my street cred). but first ever record i bought for djing was ‘Keep On Jumping’ Lisa Marie Experience. it’s a house classic now, back then it was hot property.

What best describes the “Kath Harding” style??

hmm that’s a difficult one, i’m never completely comfortable talking about my own style. But I suppose I’m all about feeling when i play. I tend to play instinctively and make decisions on which ‘way to go’ as i see how the crowd is responding. Love my tech house and techno and always happy to throw in a choice disco treat or something ‘out of place’ to spice things up –  plenty deep driving basslines that sing their own tune.

Weirdest thing you’ve ever seen in a club??

i think after so many years clubbing weird starts to become normality and nothing shocks. I think i’ve probably seen it all. Or, maybe i’m the weirdest one in the club – i am a bit of a weirdo. ha!

So where did the name Tsuba come from??

I love Japanese imagery and art so the name was inspired by that. A ‘Tsuba’ it’s actually part of a Japanese sword, the bit between the blade and the handle. The other thing is that it’s short and memorable (hopefully!).

Jan is a big month for you, with Tsuba turning 5. What’s in store for 2011??

To celebrate 5 Years of the label there’s a two part special release including new remixes, exclusive new tracks and some collabs between tsuba acts.  Lots of great producers involved like Nina Kraviz, Sebo K, Sascha Dive & my good buds Justin  Drake and Dean Bearweasel. Also doing some parties at Watergate, fabric and supermarket in Zurich which are sure to be fun! I’ve been buying a lot of vinyl again which I’ve found to be really inspiring, so have really got the bug again for more underground house music. Tracks with more melody and longevity that will still sound good in years to come, so the release schedule in 2011 will reflect that on both Tsuba and Tsuba Limited (for vinyl only releases).

You’ve been working closely with Justin Drake recently. Can you tell us a bit more about this project??

Justin’s a really good friend so working together it’s very easy going and fun. There’s no pressure so we just have a laugh in the studio & work quickly, which is the best way to do it. The first tracks we did were picked up by 8 Bit and are out this month. We also have a single on the fantastic Fear Of Flying in January. We’re going to be doing some more stuff at the start of 2011& then decide what to do with the tracks.

You have played in pretty much each corner of the world. What was your favourite country to play in and why??

It’s always fun playing abroad & to experience jack Daniels in a different nightclub! ;-). I really enjoyed Berlin last time when tsuba did Watergate and had the most insane time with Justin, Sascha Dive and Spencer Parker. we ended up in Berghain which is a real experience. if there was a night club in mad max, it would definitely be Berghain!!

What was the first record you ever bought??

I think it was Adam & the ants ‘king of the wild frontier’ which I still have. first proper club 12″ was the Oakenfold mixes of happy mondays ‘WFL’ which made me fall in love with house music.

What’s your “musical” guilty pleasure??

Not sure if it’s a guilty pleasure but I love dub & reggae 7″s and have quite a collection. I do mixes every now and again with all that stuff plus movie soundtracks etc which is always nice to listen to on Sunday. other than that it’s probably Katy Perry, who my daughter loves. I could happily watch YouTube videos of Katy Perry all day long!

What have you been up to recently?

I’m working on a lot of new releases to come in 2011: new EP on Barraca, new EP on Time Has Changed, another one on Alessio Mereu’s label Amam & on Bloody Mary’s label Dame Music. I also work on a single for InMotion Music in NYC and I just finished some remixes for Neurotraxx, Homecoming, Blackrose…  Next year I will work also on a new EP with my mate Acumen on Upon You…

The beginning of 2011 looks busy for you with dates already booked with Cocoon & Panorama Bar. What else is in store for next year?

Hey hey, it’s true, it’s a dream for me to play at Panorama & Cocoon, I’m so excited about it. I had the chance to play at Bar 25 this last summer, just 2 weeks before the end, and now I will play in 2 others mythic clubs, I’ m super excited about that ! In 2011 I will also have another Japan tour, my first one was last September and I really enjoyed this country, I love Japanese’s clubbers, there are my little friendly aliens! I will go also on tour for the first time in USA and South America too, I can’t wait for that!

Tell us a bit more about your label “Time Has Changed”??

It’s a really beautiful adventure I’m making with my friend Acumen… I always dreamed to start with a little label, to sign some new artists, and I always dreamt that all the team and the label would become more and more important in the musical scene and grow month after month…  I’m really happy to see that this dream is becoming true quiet quickly! We have a super nice family with home artists and friends’ artists (who appears from time to time) with mates as Carlo Lio, Oxia, Cosmic Cowboys, Marcus Vector & Sierra Sam, Allessio Merieu, Alex Costa, Echonomist, Mihai Popviciu… to name a few… We already have planned exciting releases for 2011: Acumen new EP with Doomwork Remix, Uglh & Federico Locchi, Timid Boy EP with Hermanez Remix, Soukie & Windish, Los Suruba, Cosmic Cowboys, Tom Budden…

You hold down a residency at the Rex Club for the BPitch Control parties. What’s the most memorable gig you had there??

Certainly the first one, it was in 2003 for the release party of « Berlinette ». At this time Ellen really started to be a big electronic star in France, everybody in Paris was so excited by this event. For me, it was a double dream which come true : I always dreamed to play in Rex Club, I passed hours dancing on this club looking at the dj booth, saying to myself « one day I will be at his place », imagining in my head which track I would play if I was the DJ !!! So, I was stressed because this dream was close to coming true. And I was also a big fan of BPitch Control & Ellen Allien, this label gave me again exciting for electronic music, exciting that I lost a bit at the end of the 90’s with ugly french touch and hard techno… So, well, as you could imagine I was super stress… During the dinner with the team and Ellen, it was impossible for me to salute with glasses; my heads were shaking too much!!!  So I pretended that I did not drink alcohol… lol! But, well, when I finally started to play, the stress became a good energy, and the party with a rex club totally full (the party was sold out) was amazing, with a lot of positive energy on the dancefloor… that’s one of my best memories… Playing 3 years after Paul Kalkbrenner in a Rex club totally compact and hysteric (Paul was already really popular in France) stay a wonderful memory too…

Who’s been a big influence on your sound??

On my sound, I don’t know, it’s difficult to say, but I could say who gave me love for electronic music: people like Jeff Mills, I was really into techno music, and Jeff was the first DJ I started to look at during his set, he’s like a cat, so smart, quick and intelligent… Derrick Carter is the one who made me love house music. I also really like Aphex Twin, “Ambient Works series” is one of my favourite electronic stuff. Plastkiman was also so important: I loved the logo, the lsd influences, and the music, so beautiful, crazy, subtle…

Biggest Bomb to drop on the dancefloor??

Well, to start the night: Lee Foss « U Got Me » on Hot Creations and Cosmic Cowboys “Do My Best” on Time Has Changed are 2 of my favourite’s tunes since months. Middle of the night : Marco Ressmann “Drop Outz » Is dope, all recent Christian Burkhardt releases too, and some remixes I made with my mate Acumen, for example the one we made for Alex Dolby on Carlo Lio’s label Rawthentic and for High Definition Records ; and to conclude the night : Coma Cat  « Tensnake » is always perfect J.


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