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Lick My Deck” interesting name for a label, where did it come from ??

When Matt and I decided to start the label we were thinking of names for ages and went over so many and each time we came up with some thing we found it had already been done or wasn’t going to work.

After a few days of this I got totally fed up and started randomly shouting ideas out, Amongst all of these was Lick My Deck, when Matt heard it he loved it so we kept trying it on for size and it just seemed to fit.

Whether you love it or hate it you always remember it which is the most important thing really.

So tell us a bit more about the Label and it’s artist’s??

Well the label is based in London but our artists are based all over the world, Tokyo, LA, Berlin… The music we release I would say is on the edge of Techno & House and gets released on a Vinyl & Digital format with original Artwork designed specifically for each release.

Also we have just started a new project LMD SkunkWorks that will be releasing Dubstep, Garage & futuristic beats.

Who or what has been a big influence on you musically??

That is a difficult question as I have so many influence’s, I was really into Drum & Bass and before that the Uk garage scene also Hip Hop and classical music when I was at school so really all of these genre’s have had a influence on me.

But I think the first Artist that really had a influence on me was Prince and still does.

You recenty mixed a podcast for Ibiza Voice. Tell us a bit more about the inspiration for the mix??

The tracks I chose for that mix where what I would play in a club situation from Techno to House to Minimal and putting it together so it flows well. I like mixing different styles I think it keeps it more interesting.

What’s been your most memorable DJ set??

There has been quite a few so I can’t really pick one but playing at the Notting Hill Carnival this year was really cool. I grew up in Notting Hill and went to Carnival for many years so to play there for the first time made it even more special.

Weirdest thing you’ve seen in a club??

When I was in Space Ibiza a few years ago a guy went into the DJ booth and tried to do a crowd surf but when he jumped everyone moved out of the way, I thought shit he’s got to be hurt but he got up and carried on dancing like nothing happened.


You run Potobolo Records. Tell us a bit more about the label ??

I created Potobolo Records in 2008. Our artistic policy and guideline is not to remain more than 2 years in the same musical style. Changing and exploring artistic approaches in order to reach a maximum audience with good music.

At the beginning, the label direction was more minimal / techno, and since 2010 we directed ourselves towards a house/tech-house style, which is rather a success at the moment. Huge djs support the label and play our music, and it is important for us in this monstrous digital world… In 2011, we will be releasing an atypical EP with the french artist and songwriter “IGNIT”, in a style defined as Neurofolk. It is a blend of reggae, dub step and folk music with vocals and an acoustic instrumental approach. It is very different from what we usually release, but we see it as a way of broadening our audience and explore different styles.

We have been a DJ oriented label since the beginning and now we’re trying to open up to different listeners. We will continue in 2011 with a « Dub EP » including 3 tracks with Zopo, Ignit and myself.

What’s in store for 2011??

A Ron Costa release called “Pontakiss” will be out on Inmotion Music.
Another one called “Saltimb” on Cimelde Records. A remixed EP of my 2 tracks Hadono & Slaving Anna on Potobolo Records with remixes from Supernova, Bastian Schuster, F.Sonik & Andrew Technique, Fabian Argomedo, Dual Method & Philip Arruda. A project EP 2 tracks on Monique Musique. The Dub EP on Potobolo Records with Zopo & IGNIT. And a new track for spring with Zopo in featuring on Potobolo Records.

You started off playing Funk and Disco. What made you move to House & Techno??

This change  came naturally because I found many Funk & Disco music in the family house.My father and my uncles were djs and held a vinyl store,I had the opportunity to listen to the promotional House music tracks they were receiving at the store, for me the groove was amazing !! For my productions, I started with minimal-techno and then house & tech-house.

What’s been your biggest achievement to date??

My label Potobolo Records. Also the project with Joachim Garraud for his album “Die Invasion” in 2008

Favourite tune(s) of all time??

Jens Zimmermann – X11 (2009 // Resopal Schallware) -This track is an infernal machine, i love it !
Laurent Garnier – Crispy Bacon (1997 // F Communications) – 13 years that I love this track.

Tell us a little bit about what you have been upto over the summer??

The summer was pretty good with some very nice gigs… I played at REX with Cadenza guys, really good night, then ZOO project in IBIZA, at the FREAK N’CHIC party in Batofar (Paris), a gig in Berlin, Badeshiff and my New party at REX, end of August with ONUR OZER & YAKINE … well I don’t complain!

You are a resident for the Rex Club. What’s one of the most memorable gigs you have had there??

Well, I think that the more memorable gig was when I played with Sven Vath… playing after him was such a pressure!! I was wondering which records I could play after his really good set (actually one of the best I heard of him), very housey but quite techno at the end… but finally I did it!! The club was totally crazy and the crowd stayed until the end, so I can say that I did my job!

Your new track “Ursula” is gaining lots of support from respected artists such as Spencer Parker. What has the rest of 2010 got in store release wise??
Spencer Parker really? URSULA, right!  I sent him over a couple of month and since then he ‘is charting it al the time. He’s a really nice guy, I really like him and he’s quite pushing me in the production etc … URSULA might be released with another track on a label, but I can’t say more because it’s not 100% sure …let’s see what’s gonna happen for the nexts months!

What was the first record you ever bought??
The first record I bought was Vanessa Paradis “Joe le Taxi” …  so french!!

So tell us what you have been upto recently??

Well the big thing of these last weeks was to find a new studio with my partner Ivan (from our It’s a fine line project) and Bruno who recently joined us as sound engineer. It’s been tough to find the right spot and the moving was some kind of a nightmare: 2 vans full of vintage and fragile gears… This explain why we have been pretty slow on producing music recently, the summer was dedicated to that moving.

You built up quite a name in the Paris club circuit.  What was one of your most Memorable gigs in Paris??

As a DJ it’s undoubtedly the first time I played Rex Club around 1996-97. It was like a dream come true for a 19 years old boy…and already a serious achievement. House music was the trendiest thing in Paris at the time and all the big names were in the room. The party went down like a storm and I got so excited when I finished my set I came back home in order to cool down !

Who has been a big influence on your sound??

In terms of deejaying I have never been really trying to sound like anyone else. There are some DJs who brought me to new genre or showed me new ways to work a crowd. I guess Laurent Garnier, Ivan Smagghe and Chloe would be on the top of my list.

What can we expect to see production/label wise for the rest of 2010??

We have a few tracks just finished under ‘It’s a fine line’ moniker: a remix for Superpitcher’s single of his new LP for Kompakt and also an exclusive track on the Kompakt Total 11 compilation which should be out this Autumn. But i still have our last EP with Pete Herbert under the ‘Challenge’ moniker which is in the shops. It was released on my label Marketing Music Records. You can get all the news and releases on my brand new website , it’s updated very often.

So tell us a bit more about what you have been upto so far in 2010??

Well i’ve been working on a lot of solo stuff so far this year. I’ve just finished off my new EP for Tsuba, which is due out very soon on the Tsuba Colours series. That comes with 2 originals from me and great remixes from Agnes and Kevin Griffiths. Also i’ve just done a remix for French label, Off Recordings and a downtempo remix for young producer, Sam Russo, which seems to be getting a lot of love. Along with production i’ve been djing quite a bit, which i’m really enjoying at the moment.

What’s coming up release wise later this year??

Well along with the Tsuba thing that’s due out soon I’ve also got a solo track on a compilation followed by an EP with my friend, Jonny Cade, that are both coming out on Kolour Recordings. I’ve also been asked to do EPs for some other great labels, but i’m going to keep that close to my chest until they are all done and dusted!

Who’s been your biggest inspiration musically and why??

Well that’s a really hard question! I love all kinds of music and over the past few years have tried to take as much inspiration as I can. I guess an act who really inspired me to start producing music was Masters At Work. I loved their upfront house beats coupled with great vocals and quality basslines. Also coming from a garage background I’ve always loved MJ Cole’s smooth productions. I guess it’s hard for me to say just one really, but those are the two that really stand out in terms of when i was first starting out. 

What’s your biggest bomb to drop on the dancefloor??

The tune i’m really enjoying playing at the moment is Makam – Hide You. I love the breakdown and the drop is so effective! big.

So what have you been up to recently??
I’m  just about to move house and renovate a unit at Cable Street Studios.  I’m going to make it my home and my studio.  This place is close to Limehouse, it’s an old candy factory that has been converted into an artist-warehouse-refugee. 
Recently, I’ve also been really busy promoting an event that we have been waiting for so long!! Minimal Carnival together with Berlin’s Bar25 on the 24th April. It’s something that Rici and I (Rici is my partner on minimal carnival) I’ve been doing since 2 years.

We have already done two successful events with them, one 2 years ago here in London at the Gramaphone, with an after party at Unit 7, and another one last year at the Bar25 in Berlin. The party in Berlin was really special in terms of people, music, atmosphere and the venue. Bar25 gives you a feeling that u can’t really describe to people unless you’ve been there yourself… for the party on 24th April here in London, we will decorate the venue as if it was a circus like the actual Bar25 circus, but I can’t tell too much for now.. only thing I can say is that I’m really really super excited!!!!
What does 2010 have instore for you??

So far, 2010 has been great in regards to the music, really busy but super happy!!! I could have not started this year in a better way!! After my residency at minimal carnival, the lo*kee crew asked me if I wanted to join their resident team for their usual Sunday afternoon, lo*kee lo*kee!!! I think I actually haven’t missed a single one, since they’ve opened!!! I just can’t resist, it’s not only a party, it’s something much stronger, a spirit!! A family!! and I’m very proud to now say that I’m officially their resident!
2010 also means the beginning of the tpf agency!! It’s run by Ricarda Faber; we are a good team of DJs and friends that has been following the same music direction for some time now, so Rici decided to ‘take over’ the family and to get us bookings!!! here we go ( bookings or 
I have also been playing at very enjoyable parties so far… Minimal Carnival, lo*kee, Aperitivo, Funkyzeit, some mornings with the usual afterhours d-late and Redlight in London and Wilde Renate in Berlin. Next big one that I’m also organising myself is another crazy Sunday afternoon “Minimal Carnival & Kubicle at Bar25” on 6th June. Don’t want to give too much away but expect the likes of Jamie Jones and some of the best underground DJs on the line-up.

Any plans for production??

It’s been two years now that I bought a laptop. I know live around the music and the music around me… once you start producing you can’t stop, it’s an addiction.
At the moment I’m using mainly logic and some external pluggins, but the machine is my thing, the sound quality is just so much better, so I’m just about to buy a Korg and an Electribe.
I’m producing a lot but I’m taking my time before having anything out. I’m 23 years old and I’m still learning a lot and trying to improve my sound (although I do play some of my stuff during my DJ sets). I see myself as much as a producer as a DJ, one without the other doesn’t really make sense, I think.
Favourite tune of all time??

Wahou, a tricky question! There are just too many and usually I’m really bad with telling track names and making mixes but I really respect the music and feel it’s always more special when it’s surprising. Some tracks that I like to play at the moment
-soul clap – funk sex
-hot natured – knee deep chic
-da rebels – house nation under a groover
Also, some really cool stuff is coming soon from two new talents Remi Mimi and Matlar!!

So, tell us a bit more about the label??
Helluva Records is the definition of Techno. Our record label concentrates on high-energy pump-up techno music and represents techno in its purest form as it was meant to be. We release positive, jump-up tracks that make everyone in the club go “Yeeeah!”, sound that makes a musical statement and is not only about sequenced beats. It is the opposite of minimal techno – it is full sound techno. Our music is not to be listened at home – it is strictly for-clubs-only music that can be played both in high speed Schranz sets and in slower funky techno mixes.

Who will be releasing on the label in 2010??

For each Helluva Night event we ask few djs from the line up to release some tracks for us. For this event we have remixes from Ignition Technician and Techment Records. We are looking for new talents but we will be mainly concentrating on the biggest names in techno music.
Does the parties at Cable tie in with the sound of the label??

The Cable events are promotional events for our label so yes, they do tie with with the sound. All the djs we book for Helluva Night represent the same style – energetic jump up techno. We are a bit tired of the new blend of house and techno music and we wanted to re-introduce real techno back to the clubs. London is our first target, the next ones are Manchester and Berlin.
Plans for world dominations??

Not as much as domination as rather introducing New Techno-World Order 🙂 We want our label to be known for high quality energising techno that every dj can play as the highlight of their set. Tracks like ” The Anthem ” aim at unifying the techno movement and letting everyone identify themselves with who we all are and what we all do. To listen to our releases please visit


So what have you been up to recently?? 

Recently ive just been continuing my residency at Morph and done a few
other random quality parties.

After two successful years of running Triptic, you have put to rest to focus on other projects. What was one of the most memorable moments at Triptic?? 

The most memorable moments would have to be Craig Richards doing 8 hours
every time and having to stop Howie b sleeping in a pub toilet just after
trying to take all the girls to asda where they could have anything they
want. Very funny.

Who has been your main influence in music?? 

 The person who is my main influence is Craig Richards. He is a rudeboy.

Are there any plans for production in the future?? 

No plans for production but i will be starting a record label Called
Triptic records. Just getting some names on board at the moment and waiting
for some material. It will be quality when i get that off the ground.  


What have you been up to recently??

Well I’ve tried to take a step back from just gigging for the sake of it as I felt I wasn’t putting enough time and effort into what I was playing as I have been so busy with work outside of dj-ing. But after a month or so off and getting some more time to hunt music and actually go and see other dj’s play I feel a lot more inspired and focused on how and what I want play! It’s all about spending as much time on the dance floor, to understand it as best as possible. It was nice going out and not playing and seeing how other artists work a dance floor

So Mouj, we see you are now becoming quite a name in the production world. What’s coming up for you release wise??

On the production front I’m still finding my feet in the studio but feel a lot more confident now then I did six months ago. I have had few remix request come in which is nice to know that people like your music and trust you to work on theirs. Myself and Dan Lively have new remix coming out on Endemic which is a nice half way point between of two music styles.

Ultimate dancefloor destroyer tune of all time??

Wow ultimate dance floor destroyer, that is a really hard one! La Cosa Nosta Funk by Format:B has always been a massive record for me as has Booka Shade in white rooms. Not the coolest of records but really work a dance floor

What have you been up to recently?

Things have been nice and busy i’m pleased to say. Ive been doing some
great gigs, some really different ones (including 4 very interesting ones
ranging from a big party of 4500 people to a small club of 150 in the UK on
new year!) and i’m really pleased with the way things are going musically
which has given me a real kick up the ass to better myself in the studio as
well. I’m really getting on top of things production wise and the stuff
i’ve got coming out is rocking so I cant complain at all. This year i’m
doing all sorts of collaborations and working with some really fantastic
labels as well so looking forward to whats going to happen. Really stepping
things up gigs wise and with my Flux Recordings label as well so looking
forward to 2010!

You are the resident DJ at the UKs biggest and best techno party Atomic
Jam. Tell us a bit about it…

Yeah i’m really lucky to be a part of Atomic Jam as its such a great
night. Its now in its 15th year and still on top of the scene which is
astonishing to consider. Since we moved back to the Que Club in Birmingham,
things have been off the hook. Its coincided with techno really getting
interesting again so musically its as good as its ever been. We are working
hard to make sure the music, sound and lighting stay ahead of the game and
anyone who has been recently would hopefully appreciate that. Simply put,
its just a massive, fun rave in the best venue in the UK.

What’s coming up for you release wise?

I’ve got the remixes of my Shut That Door track from Kyle Geiger and Ortin
Cam & Charles Bells plus some more coming out, plus i’ve got Planetary
Assault Systems and Mark Broom remixing a track of mine called Viper Traxx
on the way too. I’ve just done remixes for Electrax and CURe, plus i’ve got
an EP coming out on M_Rec Ltd which has a track which is potentially my
biggest one to date so really looking forward to seeing how that is

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