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For our 20th Podcast we go back to our Horse & Groom roots inviting 1/3 of Deep End Sound System’s Dan Lively to show us the ropes when it comes to digging crates for under the radar beats. Going in deep, warming your ears with sounds only achieved with a strictly vinyl selection. So sit back, download or stream this genuine new favorite down at Mooch HQ.

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MOOCH 020 – Dan Lively

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So tell you a bit about what you have been upto this year so far??

So far this year started pretty cool I got my new setup for my studio ready .. and started a lot on working on my new stuff for this year 🙂

So you have some cool new release’s coming out soon, tell us a bit more about these tracks??

In summer there will be my release on “This and That” label which is the new label from Davide Squillace which I’m really looking forward. I have also done a remix for Matteo Spedicati & Vito which is also for “This and That” label. There will be an exclusive track for a compilation for Steve Lawler’s “Viva Music”. I’m also working together with Johannes Heil on a new release. Beside all of this, a ton of remixes for artists such as Peter Horrevorts, Per Hammer, Danny Serrano, Olderic.

You also have a different alias “Bad Pimps” with G-Force, tell us a bit more about this project??

Oh yeah hehe.. Bad Pimps. This was and is a fun project, with one of my best friends, Stanny Franssen. The main subject behind this is to combine old funky soul & hip hop tracks EG, James Brown / 2 live crew /  George Clinton etc,  with kinda funky techno. So when we had gigs together, it was a combination of an live performance and dj’ing … we spinned regular tracks and I jammed over those old classics, and the greatest thing about it was that everytime you see the people dancing with a big smile in their face 🙂 ….. there’s video on youtube where we played at Nature One.
What’s been your favourite gig to date??

Kinda hard to say because so many gigs have special storys to tell, but of course a huge shout out to the party people of Melbourne that was a insane experience. I have had a  lot of my favorite gigs there!

Who were your influences when you first started getting into music??

To be honest  it was just old computer games. I really felt into love of that chip music… that was the reason why I got me a commodore c-64  and to play around with soundmonitor to create my first freaky songs hehe, and well of course I used it also to play games 🙂
What was the first record you ever bought??

Oh this is soooo hard to tell because my parents had  tooooons of records… from Wilson Picket, Groover Washington to Deep Purple and Santana, SOS band,  Gap band and so on… so I had all the time kinda cool music around me. But the funny thing is the first record I bought wasn’t a music record… it was a record from a german comedian Otto Walkes… sigh 😉 sorry no cool stuff to tell here… haha!

What are your top 5 tracks that are making you buzz at the moment??

Max Cooper – Raw

EDA – Amy From My House

Burial – Archangel (Saso recyd Edit)

Diego Hostettler & Absent She’s not worth it (Alexander Kowalski Remix)

Matteo Spedicati & Vito – Eliptical Nighs (Patrick Lindsey Remix)



MOOCH Feat Patrick Lindsey [Hideout] & Kath Harding [WiSH]

**See next party page for more details**

Full Line up:-

Patrick Lindsey [Hideout/Terminal M] – UK Debut

Kath Harding [WiSH]

Natalie Coleman

Ed Jones

Nick Walters

BIG ups to everyone who came down and partied with us on saturday night! And an even BIGGER thank you to the amazing Dachshund who kept us dancing right until home time 🙂

Photo’s from Sat Nite are now up online with thanks to the talented Charles Turner, feel free to tag away >> https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.369083946445196.96897.210880815598844&type=3

Dachshund takes us from DJ Sneak to Skudge recordings via Visionquest for the 19th Podcast.

To download right click below link and ”save link as..”

MOOCH 019 – Dachshund

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  1. Calvera – B-Side – Deep.
  2.  Compass – Cab Driver – Cabinet
  3. Jay Haze – Can’t_Forget (DJ Sneak Re-Rub Mix) – Tunning Spork
  4. Findling & Pele – Drycorn – Kindisch
  5. Mihai Popoviciu – Roasted – Highgrade Records
  6. Enzo Siragusa – Sagamore – Fuse London
  7. Santorini – Irenes Groove – The Flame Recordings
  8. Detroit Swindle The Warp Around (Rozzo Remix)
  9. Toygun – Cosmic City – Cyclic Records
  10. Life And Death – Morgana – Visionquest
  11. Stephen Brown – Mini Mood – Skudge Presents
  12. Mark Henning & Jug – Moors (Soulade Remix) – Vitalik Recordings

This month we at MOOCH camp would like to BIG up Riot Riot Technique, a sublabel from the Bavarian label Riot Riot records. The label was born in the later part of 2010 and run by Riet Meert [Designer & Parrallel Booking Agency head honcho] & Daniela la Luz [an up and coming Producer/Live Artist].

The label branches off from the other Sub-labels to explore a more dance floor orientated style of music with ranges from House, Techno to Dub.  With 8 releases and a compilation under their belt we can see the future being very big for these berlin based ladies.

Check out Riot Riot Technique’s recent release HERE – the “We are alike” compilation hosts tracks from artists Robyns & Markey, Patrick Di Stefano, Optic, Claudio Masso & Daniela La Luz…

RRT008 – “We are alike” – Various Artist Compilation


Hagi & Daniela La Luz – Le Dap

Robyns & Markey – All This Drama



Riot Riot Technique Website

Riot Riot Technique Facebook

Riot Riot Technique Soundcloud

1. Simon Garcia – Cavern EP – Poker Flat Recordings

2. Life And Death – Morgana – Visionquest

3. Ripperton & Deetron – Threee (Deetron mix) – Versatile Records

4. Marco Faraone – Orange Again – Moon Harbour Recordings

5. Fog & S.K.A.M. – The Screaming Soul (Hermannstadt Collective Remix) – Escapism Musique

6. Rene Breitbarth – Diaphone – Deep Data

7. O.N.O – Signa – Dirty North End Remix By Mad Mike Banks – Tha Blue Herb Recordings

8. Andre Ledemann – Your Choice – Room With A View

9. Duckem – Reflections – Onset Audio 

10. Sigha – Something In Between Us – Hotflush Recordings

1. Huxley – Let It Go – Hypercolour

2. Andrea Oliva & Gel Abril – Scene – Be As One

3.  Mosca – Bax – Numbers

4.  Thyladomid & Adriatique – Feeling Good(Coat Of Arms) – OFF Recordings

5.  A1 Bassline – 1.4.7. – tighten up

6.  Julie Marghilano – Filled With Something(Subb-an remix) – Abstract Theory

7.  Maetrik – Acid Uprock – Regular

8.  Limo feat.NicoNote – Party Girl(Dachshund remix) – Recycle Limited

9.  French Fries – Yo Vogue – ClekClekBoom

10.  Patrick Specke – Bitchual Linestepper – Desolat

TO DOWLOAD CHARTS VISIT HERE: http://www.beatport.com/chart/end-of-winter-charts/48856

Our favorite DirtyByrd drops in with an hour of rolling tribal techno for our 18th Podcast.

To download right click below link and ”save link as..”

MOOCH 018 – Samantha Blackburn

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  1. Duky  – Little Helper 25-1  – Little helper 25
  2. Alexander Kyosev – Sidecar
  3. Marc Romboy – Lac De Nivelles – My Love is Sytematic
  4. Martin Buttrich – Mishima-   X-Sampler Purple
  5. Maurizio Vitiello – Low Jack – Sum & Learn
  6. Joey Negro – Journey to the sun – House Masters
  7. Sante  –  Ce Una (Carlo Lio remix)  – Ce Una
  8. Kaiserdisco – Hija Major (Original) – La Familia
  9. Rainer Weichhold  – :Infernal Jean Sanchez Remix – Flashmobbing
  10. Minilogue – Carnival
  11. Audiofly – My Happy place
  12. The Time writer – Wasteland – Nine Five Pain

So where did the name Dachshund come from??

When I released my first track, the label manager said to me: ok, we will send the track now, what’s your artist name? I was like.. Gosh! I don’t have a moniker for this project, so I looked into a “Pentone Color” Book. Every color had a certain name, then I wrote 5 of them down and chose between them. Dachshund sounded good to my ears even if I didn’t know the meaning. Then I checked on the web and realized that it was a dog name, but not any one, the sausage one! I hesitated one second but then decided to go for it!

The funny thing is that only English and German speakers are able to pronounce it correctly.

Did you grow up knowing you wanted to be an Artist/DJ?? 

Not really. I had no idea… I started to work as an independent tailor when I was 19. But besides this I was playing guitar in reggae bands and I took some courses of “electro-acoustic music” at the conservatory. It gave me the possibility to use their studio. I was spending hours there experimenting on sound design, working on samplers, analogue modular, etc.. the passion started here. After that I played as DJ and started my own productions.

What’s the worse job you’ve ever had??

Cleaning dishes in the cafeteria of a famous watch factory. The job itself is not hard but having hands in the water all day can cause some troubles, especially when you cut yourself with the knives and the dishes like I did.

Tell us a bit what 2012 has instore for you??

For the moment I’m working on an album and I also have a few remixes on the desk. I’m also planning to be more concentrated on Clapper, the label we’re running with Quenum. After the next EP, we will release a remix compilation with friends or producers that we like. We keep the names secret for the moment but we’re very excited about this project.

I will also move my studio in a few months to another place, but that’s another story..

So when your not busy in the studio or on the road gigging, what do you get up to??

I’ve got a part time job in a music store and the rest of my time I like swimming in “Le Rhône” the river that crosses the city where I live, Geneva. I also like going for a walk in the nature, seeing friends, windsurfing, playing “Jass” (a swiss card game), eating great meals, cooking, relaxing, discovering new places, but I don’t get enough time to do all these things.

What’s been your biggest achievement to date??

It’s probably the fact to play outside of Switzerland. I think I’m lucky. Many good DJs don’t have this chance. I’ll be always thankful for that. Allelujah!

Name your style??

Dance-music for dogs

A limited number of £5 Early Bird tickets have now gone on sale for MOOCH Feat Dachshund [Highgrade] @ Basing House. You can grab your ticket HERE

MOOCH Feat Dachshund [Highgrade] – 10th March 2012

**See next party page for more details**

Full Line up:-

Dachshund [Highgrade Records]

Natalie Coleman

Ed Jones

Nick Walters


Top draw tech house from Mooch co-founder and resident Ed Jones.

To download right click below link and ”save link as..”

MOOCH 017 – Ed Jones

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  1. Find Another – Tom Demac – murmur
  2. Owe Me – No Regular Play- Wolf & Lamb
  3. Somewhere Sunday (Dachshund Remix) – Soulade – Vitalik Recordings
  4. Heavyweight – Silver Team – Rebirth
  5. Favorite – Shenoda – Hypercolour
  6. Them 3 Words (Eats Everything More Than Friends Remix) – Death on a Balcony – Pets Recordings
  7. A Face In The Crowd (Intellidread mix)- DJ Assassin – White Label
  8. Class of 95′ – Alex Kidd  – Freerange Records
  9. Our Luv – Blake Baxter – Decks Classix
  10. In My Mind – Hertz – Atom
  11. Ypomoni (Dub Mix) – Lemos – Orpheas
  12. Coming Back – Ian F. – Session Deluxe Recordings
  13. Party Girl (Dachshund Remix) – Limo, Niconote – Recycle Limited

  1. Fingers in the Noise – Full Moon – Eintakt
  2. Okain – Go for what you know – Quartz
  3. Cari LekeBusch – Merry Go Round – Harthouse
  4. Tom Dicicco – Transparent Heights – Finale Sessions
  5. Zadig – Re-Form – Construct Reform
  6. Croon Inc – Post Mortem (Berlin Berlin Version) – Respal Schallware
  7. Guido Schneider & Sander Baan – Stop Beating Around the Bush – Highgrade Records
  8. Kotellett & Zadak – Calliope (Andomat 3000 Deprivation Mix) – Rompecabeza
  9. Sam KDC – West Town Dub – Channel 82
  10. The Sect – Cybermen (Break Remix) – KSS Black

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