MOOCH 4TH Birthday Bash!!

4 years in the making… 48 months, 39 DJs, 29 parties, 8 photographers, 4 venues, 3 door girls, 2 residents, 1 graphic designer and last but certainly not least: You! The collective of friendly faces who’ve been throwing shapes with us to some of the finest underground talent House n Techno has to offer. MOOCH HQ feels extremely blessed to have met so many amazing people along the way, it’s really been a blast!! 2013 is already looking sweet with some awesome line ups in the pipeline and a brand new EP from Mooch Recordings, as always keep it locked… So what better way to pump up the birthday jam at our rave cave Basing House, than to invite Amsterdam’s hottest export to date… Get ready for a heads down, sleazy, tech-fest with….

Tom Ruijg [Hot Waves / Bangbang! / Karat Records]

Tom Ruijg’s story of how and why he became an artist is somewhat of a fairytail. After spending a big part of his teenage life on the dancefloor, Tom picked up DJ’ing in 2007 and a year later he started producing. Getting instant acknowledgment from Amsterdam house artists like Boris Werner, Tom released two remixes shortly after. His first solo 12″ followed early in 2010 on BangBang! It was an instant hit and BangBang! decided to sign him for two more singles. Starting to play live aside from DJ’ing Tom became more and more versatile and respected. Now, some years later with a full 12″ on Karat hitting the stores and tracks on one of the world’s hottest labels (Hot Creations), Tom’s future is as bright as ever.

Blowing the Birthday candles out on the night trusty residents Natalie Coleman & Ed Jones will be in charge of dishing out techno bumps to all the MOOCH familiar…. x


MOOCH – Back in the House!

Mooch is back in the (Basing) House after its annual Summer Holidays… And what a jammed packed autumn / winter season we have in store! First up….massive respect goes to Julys guest Quenum, taking us deep, his set was something rather special. MOOCH HQ enjoyed it so much we invited him to be the first artist to be involved with our new label Mooch Recordings!! The Imperial Street EP also includes Tim Xavier on remix duties and is coming out later this month Check it out here…. (…Kicking off the next season of MOOCH shenanigans in our rave cave someone who has been on our radar for quite some time now… an artist that needs little introduction…

Marc Antona [Dissonant / Mobliee]

From his studio in Ibiza his Iberian influence is laid bare throughout his music, Marc’s passion for creating musical trips, taking people into his world and making them enjoy the changes of moods from happiness to melancholy, from energy-pumping moments to relaxing deep waves has developed and he is now clearly on point with his latest sets…In 2011, he left Cadenza after having been part of Vagabundos touring with Luciano and Cadenza’s team, feeling the time was right to push his own vision of electronic music and to embark on the entirely independent project Dissonant. Marc put out three highly praised EPs on his label, he also built and nurtured its concept to what has been the home of his first full length album ‘Rules Of Madness’. Thru this first album on Dissonant, Marc showed his own creative vision of what he wants to be sexy underground music, organic tunes full of hidden melodies and underlying emotional ambiance whilst keeping the pumping vibe experienced in his dj-live sessions.

Marc has been spreading his unique sound across the world for many a year, producing advanced underground music, performing live and DJ-sets in some of the world’s most famous clubs…His impressive Club CV includes: Fabric, Panorama Bar, Watergate, Week-end, Space, Pacha (Ibiza), Womb, Rex, Goa (Roma), Tenax, Barraca, Fabrik (Madrid), D-Edge (Sao Paulo), Street Parade (Zürich) and Circo Loco… Marc’s released on labels such as Mobilee, Highgrade, Freak‘N’Chic, Micro-Fibres and Sender records! 2012 sees Marc Antona’s style recognition collaboration with tINI (Desolat) on Dissonant and Moon Harbour, release on Adam Beyer’s label TrueSoul and releases on his own label Dissonant.

Providing support to the MOOCH familia your trusty residents Natalie Coleman & Ed Jones will be dishing out large portions of sexy bumping techno all night long…


Mooch Goes Deep…

May’s guest Patrick Lindsey popped his London cherry and with a funk fuelled set which certainly got the party pumping right from the very start! Big thanks going out to the dance floor crew who made it a night to remember with some pretty hectic shape throwing! Keeping you all on your toes we change direction and go deep for our 5th party down at Basing House, we’ve bagged a true living legend who has rocked dance floors with his sets and productions for many year now, an artist just right for those long, warm summer nights, we proudly introduce…

Quenum [Crosstown Rebels / Cadenza]

DJ/producer Quenum is a long-time player with an extensive discography spanning his own recording labels to other highly recognized imprints. He founded Access 58 in London with Paulo Nascimento, Cadenza with Luciano and Num records in Geneva. Together with Luciano he composed the first release on Cadenza, “Orange Mistake” – one of the most successful techno tracks of the last ten years. In all, Quenum has released over 60 records, including on Crosstown Rebels, Contexterrior, Cadenza, Orac, Soma, Trapez, Alphahouse and Toys for Boys. His tracks appear on close to 20 compilations on recording labels such as Fabric (Carl Craig), NovaMute and Cocoon. His most recent project is Clapper, a new label founded with his frequent studio partner and Mooch veteran Dachsund.

Going back in time, Quenum has worked professionally as a DJ since the early 80’s. He gained a decade of experience living in London in the 90’s before settling with his family in Geneva. He credits his childhood in Africa and his family background for his musical taste. He was also influenced by hip-hop culture and an early career as a breakdancer. In his sets, Quenum takes techno and house into tribal heights with a more or less experimental edge, both slamming and deep. His flawless mixing technique and live sets are constantly redefining and upgrading abstract electronic dance music. He never forgets that his first duty is to the crowd of people who have come together looking for a joyful experience and a moment of freedom. He is, first, a crowd-pleaser.

Getting the party started, trusty residents Natalie Coleman, Ed Jones and Nick Walters will be warming up the Mooch familia with their trade mark groove infused tune selection.

Mooch gets exclusive!

Now 3 parties young in the amazing rave cave they call Basing House. March’s party saw Highgrade’s Dashchund flown all the way from Switzerland to dish out his bass infused tech house to room full of hungry Moochers. Stepping up a gear for May’s party we sent our search parties to Berlin in the hunt for something a little different while still keeping in-tune with our signature sounds. We have bagged a UK exclusive artist who’s chomping at the bit to give us all lesson in funked up techno thats just right to get your Saturday night groove on. In addition to May’s headliner we’ve invited back Mooch veteran Kath Harding for a special B2B session with our own Natalie Coleman, a very welcome return to all that have seen them laying down 4/4 before. So without further ado, we introduce…..

Patrick Lindsey [Hideout / Terminal M]

Patrick’s musical journey started way back when the C64 was state of the art. By 1994 he, alongside former classmate Anthony Rother had had they’re first relases on Heiko Laux Kanzleramt and on the now legendary Frankfurt imprint Harthouse.  2 years later and he hits the jackpot again with Malephonk and Phonkschool on School records – the unofficial forerunner to his own Funkwelle label. These days he’s released music on a string of high profile labels including Trapez, Hideout Kling Klong and his tracks are regularl;y featured in the playlists of some of the scenes biggest movers and shakers.

No stranger to the decks either his DJ’ing transmits his extroverted personality and he strives to form an intimate connection with the crowd. Taking advantage on wide range of technology from laptops to Vinyl his shows offer a unique and fresh experience with a huge portion of “funk” for measure.

Kath Harding [WiSH]

Kath’s intricate eye for detail, established from her fine art and graphics foundation, has been the driving force to success for WiSH over the past few years. She has a unique intuitive style and an ability to read and surprise any crowd. Her style is a brave collage of trend-led techno, groovy minimal with undertones of early house. A journey that explores the sometimes dark and sometimes funk-infused side of electronic music, all served up with a generous helping of the well-known Kath Harding twist. It is this added element of surprise that has made the downstairs dancefloor at WiSH a clubbing mecca for many. Her eye for detail has not been lost on the WiSH programming where over the past couple of years she has played alongside Chloé, Jennifer Cardini, Fra Soler, Raymundo Rodriguez, Tim Sheridan, Mistress De Funk, Nicole Moudaber amongst others.

Warming up the floor for the Mooch familia will be your trusty residents Ed Jones and Nick Walters.

Mooch introduces…

WOW! Mooch certainly celebrated its 3rd birthday in style one of our biggest turn outs to date! Massive thanks to you lovely lot who managed to shake off the post NYE blues and party with us in our fantastic east London home Basing House. The icing on the cake came in the form of Tim Xavier who, after just managing to catch his flight to London straight from Panorama Bar laid four to the floor with absolute brilliance we hope that you all agree. Our next party comes to you in March, after searching high and low for an underground artist that would follow on from the birthday bash, someone who could comfortably fill Tim’s shoes when it comes to diversity of sounds, hip shaking grooves and dark basslines to boot. We introduce Switzerland’s finest techno export…

Dachshund [Highgrade]

Born and raised in Geneva, Switzerland Dachshund got his first introduction to music in the 90’s playing guitar in Reggae bands. His collaboration with The Restless Mashaits lead him to Downtown Kingston Jamaica in 1995, where he mixed instrumentals recorded in Switzerland on 2 inch tapes with Jamaican musicians recorded onsite. Dub is undoubtedly Dachshund’s first musical influence and inspiration. With his roots in Dub music, Dachshund first experimented with electronic music in 1997, producing his own jungle and Drum’n’Bass tracks. This new orientation got him involved in DJing and organizing the first Drum’n’Bass parties in his hometown. In order to play his own music during DJ sets, CDs not being available at the time, he cut his own productions onto dub plate at Music House in London. It’s through these new styles of music that Dachshund developed and refined his Dj’ing and Studio technique. You can hear Dachshund’s musical evolution in his work, his past history with Dub and other organic types of music is what gives his sets such an original flavour. Dachshund calls for a human presence behind the machine, sweat on the dance floor and the swinging of hips not head banging. It’s with this particular vision in mind that he has played live and DJ sets all over Europe. He’s no stranger to success in in the studio either, having released on a string of high profile labels including Highgrade, Vitalik, Harthouse and his own label Clapper which he runs with good friend Quenum.

On the eve resident handler Natalie Coleman will be warming up the dog pound with her signature deep grooves and rolling beats, following on to the B2B walking skills of Ed Jones and Nick Walters which is all in preparation for feeding time from Highgrade’s Dachshund which promises to be a rather meaty affair…

Mooch 3rd Birthday Bash

September’s party witnessed Mobilee hero And.Id shaking the club to its very foundations, with feedback from the dance-floor overwhelmingly positive we’re returning back to East London’s intimate Basing House for our 3rd birthday bashment. Over the years we have invited down no less than 33 djs to come and play to our ever expanding Mooch familia, prime underground talent who have taken us all on musical journeys from the familiar to the unknown and back again keeping in tune to the groove we promote. For our 3rd birthday we required an artist that can cover all angles of house & techno, someone that can take us from A to Z with some deep groove and techy loops for good measure. So without further ado please raise your glasses as we introduce…

Tim Xavier [Clink – Berlin]

Tim Xavier’s passion for music has kept him on the forefront of techno since his innovative releases on Blueline in Chicago a decade ago. His career began in Houston in the 90s, and then on to Chicago, Brooklyn and now Berlin, where he has resided since 2007. He is a veteran to the industry; and his dark, edgy production style has remained uncompromised through the ever changing genres of techno and house. He is also the owner and chief engineer at Manmade Mastering in Berlin; and this sleepy-eyed coffee addict defines cool as he cuts master plates for many respected record labels.

Tim’s music has been charted and played by leading artists around the world, and he has worked with many labels such as Cocoon, Minus, Sci-Tec, Podium, Timefog, Little Helpers, Sleaze, Droid Behavior and many more. He is also the owner of his own imprint, LTD400, works with partner Camea on her imprint Clink Recordings and with Tony Rohr as the ‘Afternoon Coffee Boys’.

On Stage, Tim’s current performances include a mixture of DJing, Live and Effects manipulation, carrying out his visionas he sees fit. He creates a unique experience with his maximal sound quality and music selection, in which he combines loops and pieces from his own production. He is regularly on tour and performing across the globe, capturing his audiences with his signature sound. Tim’s relentless devotion to providing cutting edge audio continues to keep him on the forefront of innovative dance music, and as he continues to grow it is apparent that we have still yet to see the best of his work.

Getting stuck right into that jelly and ice-cream from the start your trusty residents Natalie Coleman, Ed Jones and Nick Walters will be dishing out techno bumps and performing some extra special rave moves on the night for all our Mooch familiar.

Mooch Meets Mobilee…

Mooch is on the move… having carved out 6 notches on Cargo’s bedpost, the time has at last come for the affair to end. Down at Mooch HQ, it’s about getting back our roots and moving the party back to an intimate, social venue with an uncompromising Funktion One sound system, which fits our definition of London’s underground house & techno scene. Based in an old pub, Basing House’s inside space is almost c…avernous, with a mottled stone ceiling, exposed brick and a comfortable roof terrace garden adding a dose of chic into the mix. Check it out. Details here: Having sorted out the perfect venue, the next item on the agenda is to the exceptional talent of our headliner. We introduce a DJ set from an artist that is at the forefront of Germany’s Mobliee imprint and takes an unique approach to body moving and mind grooving sounds…

And.Id [Mobilee/2020 Vision]

And.Id (aka Andreas Dimitriadis) was born and raised in Thessaloniki, Greece, where he was influenced from a young age by his musical surroundings. After attending a multitude of jazz concerts and finding himself absorbed in his father’s large collection of records, he began studying music and jamming in local bands, later producing tracks for freestyle groups and creating scores for short films. In 2002, began his involvement with NON, a Greek-based collective of artists responsible for the organisation of the Reworks Electronic Music Festival and club nights throughout the country. In 2003 he was invited to attend the Red Bull Music Academy in Cape Town, and shortly thereafter released his début EP on Thinner Records. He then continued to steadily release 12” tracks and EPs on Matthias Schaffhäuser’s Ware imprint. And.Id hit his stride in 2008, when he released his début for Mobilee, “One Is Not Enough,” as well as the critically acclaimed follow-up, “Sand on the Floor,” both of which showcased not only his intricate production skills but also his unique integration of live components; the latter of which helped to lend the inimitable sound to his material. The characteristics of his productions are also evident in his acclaimed live shows in which he integrates both released and unreleased productions, loops, and live use of his trumpet into an incomparably high-energy affair. Never playing the same set twice, orientates his performances around spontaneity and a high level of connection and interaction with the audience. His one-of-a-kind performances have landed him spots at international festivals such as Sonar, Nuits Sonores in Lyon, and the Synch and Reworks Festivals in Greece, as well as several remixes for labels around the world including Two Faces, Time has Changed Records, and Sibbeg’s Noodles Recordings. Whether it’s house or techno; melodic or organic; percussive grooves or rough and edgy snares; one thing is for certain: delivers.

Providing support on the night your trusty residents Natalie Coleman, Ed Jones and Nick Walters will be dishing out extra large portions of deep house and playful techno whetting the appetite for all the Mooch familia…. Don’t forget to visit our new fanpage at and follow us here for all the latest Mooch news including podcasts, interviews with upcoming guests, and charts from all the residents.

MOOCH @ Nozstock Festival

Nozstock have invited down MOOCH to host the BULLPEN at this years Festival. MOOCH residents Natalie Coleman & Ed Jones will be joined by one of London’s favourites Samantha Blackburn. We will be rocking out the Bullpen from 9pm – 3.30am on Saturday 30th July.


For those of you new to Nozstock: The Hidden Valley, the site offers eight stages landscaped around a ramshackle Tudor farmhouse in the centre of the festival …site. Three live outdoor stages, the Orchard, Garden & Bandstand host good rollicking big name party bands, eclectic bounce-inducing artists and experimental electro-acoustica from diverse and unsigned artists.

The converted cowsheds include the Cubicles, sub-thumping drum ‘n’ bass and dubstep, to be found aside the Bullpen, knees-up housey beats and alternative dance. The Coppice’s luminous sounds from veterans of psytrance Tribe of Frog are the blissful converse to the Bantam of the Opera Theatre which explores another world with live performance, workshops and after-dark experimental cabaret while Laughing Stock bills prime-time comedians and up-and-comers, providing raucous chuckles and proper belly rumbles. You can also catch a late night short film or music video from the mesmerising screenings on offer in the Cinetent.

Shenanigans for the mini-festivaler occur off the beaten track and over the bridge where the Dingle is programmed with workshops aplenty and theatrical splendor, where opportunities abound to get interactive and remember how to play like only kids know how.

Nozstock’s home-grown bars will continue to offer the Wye Valley’s favourite brew Butty Bach, local Kingston Rosey & Press ciders… the usual spirits, lagers, wines and homemade cocktails, embellished with our own special ingredients. We try to keep as close to pub prices as we can.


The Jim Jones Revue, Vintage Trouble, Adrian Edmondson & The Bad Shepherds, Foreign Beggars, CW Stoneking, Toddla T, The Wurzels, The Correspondents, Andy C, Netsky, Sonic Boom Six, Spunge, Catch-it Kebabs, DC Breaks, Alix Perez, Resp, Borgore, Icicle, MC GQ, MC Serocee, Laid Blak, Tako Lako, MC Remidy, Dub Mafia, Jazzsteppa, Dr Meaker, The Anomalies, Dub Boy, Tribe Of Frog, Amoss, Octo Pi, Sonny Wharton, The Misers, Zebedy Rays, Galanstra, BDN:420, We Steal Thieves, Nicholas Stephenson, Stagecoach, Ricky Cool and the Hoola Boola Boys, Sashi and the Wild Beans, Robbie Boyd Band, Folie Ordinair, Capac, Billy Whizz, Dex, Scubaroots, Ragtime Ewan, Dog Section, Boatbar To Hamburg, No Thee No Ess, Peter Bruntnell, Maria Owen, Scott Midlane, Ryan James, Benin City, The Gentle Sea, Kentish Fire, The Stowaways, Magic Polar Bears, This Is Ty Nila & The Rajas, James Page, Kal Lavelle.


Mooch turns up the Heat…

The Mooch familia were in full swing to Audiojacks energetic set in May, which quite frankly blew us all away especially as they jumped straight off the plane from Watergate, Berlin. Next up on the calendar is July’s party and what a duo of headliners we have in store. First up we’ve a feisty femme who recently earned her Fabric stripes down with boys at WYS and making some major production waves that have been picked up by the Mooch radar. Julys double bill is finished off with an Italian artist who can do nowt wrong when it comes to some laying down some sexy tribal sounds we introduce….

Claire Ripley [Murmur/Dessous]

Claire got things off to what can only be described a great start with her very first demo being awarded DJ Mags top pick and described as “Very Impressive Stuff”. Since then the Dj / Producer from Maidstone has gone on to found Phobic Records, alongside Richard Belsom, which features artists such as Chris Lattner (Moonharbour), Tim Green, Inxec and is already enjoying massive support from world leading DJ’s including Slam (featured on their Radio 1 Essential Mix), Magda, Seth Troxler, Perc, Chloe, to name but a few. Her first E.P was signed to Steve Bug’s highly respected Dessous Recordings, a great achievement by anyone’s standards, particularly a remix of F.E.X – Mysterious Conversation for Dessous Classics – The Remixes, an all time classic previously remixed by Tanzmann and Stefanik. Claire finesse behind the decks has seen her DJ at some of London’s most prolific clubs including the the Key, Source Bar, Herbal and Fabric so don’t forget to grab Claire’s Mooch Podcast from the blog at

Toni D [Off Recordings/VIVa Music]

Antonio de Angelis aka Toni D started his career in the late 90’s over in southern Italy, taking part in some of the most important events and brands back in the day. After moving to London in the millennium his genuine character and a passion for house music quickly drew respect from the scene and he hooked up with Luciano Esse to found the infamous Zum parties. In the past two years Toni has secured notable residencies playing for the notorious afterhours Kubicle alongside Clive Henry & Lee Foss and the underground monster which is the ”Onemore” Warehouse parties. Nowadays he’s constantly involved in music production and his ever increasing success and love for tribal sounds has brought him to releases on popular labels Safari Electronique, Off Recordings” and Viva Music. Future projects from Toni D will be coming out on Trapez, Safari, Material & Tenax recordings.

Residents Ed Jones & Nick Walters will be holding the fort with some B2B business on the terrace from 8 with our very own Eastender Natalie Coleman who be charge of warming up the main room at 10 ready for some Mooch Double headliner action! Phew!

Don’t forget to add our new Fanpage at and follow us twitter at @moochlondon for all the latest on Mooch including our podcasts, interviews with upcoming guests and charts from the residents.

Mooch likes to Jack!

March’s knees up saw Okain and Kath Harding bring their unique underground sounds to Cargo. Respect going out to the Mooch familiar, as always showing their full support for 2 of our most popular DJ bookings to date. Moving forward and May’s affair has the Mooch crew getting a little hot under the collar in anticipation of a producer/DJ duo who really need little introduction. We bagged this act just before they rip up the summer festivals with their energetic and groove laden beats, hold on to your hats!!… We Introduce…

Audiojack 20/20 Vision / Gruuv]

Leeds based producers, DJs and label owners comprising of James Rial and Richard Burkinshaw. Their sound ranging from the deeper realms of house through to driving peak time techno. Audiojack have shown a notable ability to consistently produce credible underground music which works on the dance floor and appeals to a wide range of international DJs and music fans alike. To date they have performed in more than 40 countries, spanning 5 continents, taking in some of the world’s best venues: Space in Ibiza, Ageha in Tokyo, Avalon in Los Angeles, Sankey’s in Manchester, Goa in Madrid, Zouk in Singapore, Smart Bar in Chicago. Festival appearances have included performances at the massive Fuji Rock Festival in Japan and the Chemical Music Festival in Rio de Janeiro. Their original productions and remixes have been signed to many of the worlds most highly respected and established independent labels including 20:20 Vision, Get Physical, Diynamic, Great Stuff, Renaissance, Cr2 and their own rapidly expanding Gruuv imprint. Audiojack are currently working on their LIVE show, which is expected to launch in early 2011 and will allow them to showcase highlights of their blossoming back catalogue along with their newest productions in a stunning interchangeable live format.

And finally, maintaining that groove, your trusty residents Natalie Coleman, Ed Jones and Nick Walters will be warming up the nights proceedings making sure the Mooch familiar are all set for a night of deep Techno and Jackin’ House!

Mooch with extra bounce!

ell then folks, muchos fun‘n’frolics was had by all down Cargo for our 2nd birthday, Timidboy & Kevin Griffiths both served up a right musical treat keeping the familia on their toes until the lights came on. Thumbs up to all those that braved the door q’s from 9.30, sticking it out to celebrate with us inside. Thank you again for your patience! At Mooch towers we believe in upping the game and March’s line up won’t disappoint. First up we’ve invited Ms Harding down to play. The brains behind our design and the one who provided the sound track at the start of Mooch 2 years ago, she’s a quality underground talent that brought us WiSH, London’s finest Techno/House girl only knees up. Heading up the night an artist whose slick production and superb DJing performances are set to propel him to greatness, we introduce…

Okain [Quartz Rec/Tsuba]

Making his debut on the decks at just 15 within two years he was offered bi-monthly residency playing 5 hour techno sets. Since then he has played in the hottest spots in Paris including Rex Club & Social Club and while also keeping up a regular Dj slot at the legendary Dimuschi parties with friends Paul Ritch & Thomas Muller. Back in 2007 after a year of studying sound engineering he linked up with Paul Ritch to release there first EP on under the Handycraft alias. Released Kickeboxer the Le Bal Masqué EP was an immediate success being charted & played by many of the scenes heavy hitters. Since then Okain has released several EPs on different labels including Quartz Music, Tsuba, Bpitch Control, Arjaus, Underwater & French label Jetaime Records. His productions have been granted support from the likes of Ellen Allien, Loco Dice, Sebo K & Slam. Naturally these acclaimed releases have led him to gigs across Europe including City Hall in Barcelona during the Sonar festival and now back to London for very special set at Mooch guaranteed to blow the roof off!

Kath Harding [WiSH]

Kath’s intricate eye for detail, established from her fine art and graphics foundation, has been the driving force to success for WiSH over the past few years. She has a unique intuitive style and an ability to read and surprise any crowd. Her style is a brave collage of trend-led techno, groovy minimal with undertones of early house. A journey that explores the sometimes dark and sometimes funk-infused side of electronic music, all served up with a generous helping of the well known Kath Harding twist. It is this added element of surprise that has made the downstairs dancefloor at WiSH a clubbing mecca for many. Her eye for detail has not been lost on the WiSH programming where over the past couple of years she has played alongside Chloé, Jennifer Cardini, Fra Soler, Raymundo Rodriguez, Tim Sheridan, Mistress De Funk, Nicole Moudaber amongst others. Kath makes a welcome return for us breaking a Mooch record with her 3rd set for us since it all began just over 2 years ago…

Our very own residents Natalie Coleman, Ed Jones (the artist formally known as Yellowcake!) & Nick Walters will be warming the cockles with some hot tech/house treats, so come on down, take off that winter jacket and slip into something a little more Springy… Now Bounce!!

Mooch Turns 2!!

First off a big nod goes to our December Guests Shaun Soomro & Ron Costa for giving us a lesson in all things techy n deep, those unfortunate enough to have missed our last party have no fear, our next knees up taking place in January and its gonna be one to remember! Its that time of the year again when team MOOCH hangs up the balloons and wheels out the cake, thats right its our 2nd Birthday! Making sure it goes with a BANG! we have invited down 2 heavy weight DJ/Producers who are making the right moves when it comes to the underground scene. So come and join the crew as we celebrate our birthday in style, we commence the shenanigans with an artist, who will be making his London debut…

Timid Boy [Time has changed / Tuning Spork]

Discovered in 2003 through DJ residency at Rex Club for the BPitch Control parties, Timid Boy, aka Damien Almira, quickly established himself as one of the greats of the Parisian scene. Booked to play alongside some of the scene’s giants, (Jeff Mills, Ellen Allien, Booka Shade, Tiga, Francois K, to name but a few…), the French DJ’s sets evolve between dynamic minimal house and deep hypnotic techno. Timid Boy is also a very well known French musical journalist who, for the last decade, has written articles for  famous magazines such as Rock&Folk, Technikart and Trax. In 2009 he released the “Split EP”, ”Where is the Bang Bang EP”  and later on 12’’ “La Nuit” gaining strong support from: Loco Dice, Dubfire, Hawtin, Chloé, Livio & Roby, Julien Chaptal along the way. His dancefloor orientated and hypnotic style has also seduced the Spanish house crew from Circo Loco / DC 10 eventually leading to residents Tania Vulcano and Andrew Grant snapping him up for their labels Isgud and Barraca.

Kevin Griffiths [Tsuba / 8Bit]

Our second guest on the eve, needs little introduction, Tsuba’s head honcho Kevin Griffiths. A label that is regarded as one of the world’s key players in underground house music and has an enviable and consistently growing fan base amongst DJs, music fans and journalists alike. Tsuba is the second most charted UK label on RA and a common sight in the top 10’s of leading dance music download store, Beatport. A DJ for more than 10 years, recent dates around the globe include Fabric in London, Watergate in Berlin, Lost Baggage in Sydney, Zouk in Singapore, Snatch in Miami, City Hall in Barcelona and Mandarine Crew in Mexico City. As a producer, last year saw the release of second single, ‘Cantona Kung Fu’, reaching number 2 in the deep house chart on Beatport for one month and licensed to compilations by Steve Bug and Terry Lee Brown Junior. A collaboration with Okain, ‘Journey To Jah’ EP was released in November on the respected Four:Twenty imprint and was awarded Mixmag’s house single of the month. In 2010 Tsuba has held label parties at two of the world’s most respected clubs, Fabric in London and Watergate in Berlin. More Tsuba events will take place at some of Europe’s finest clubs during 2011.

Blowing out those birthday candles, residents Natalie Coleman, Yellowcake and Nick Walters will be dishing out techno bumps and some extra special prezzies to all our MOOCH familiar.

Mooch gets… Seasonal!

First up, big thanks to September’s guests Molly & Tim Paris and not forgetting our trusty Mooch familia for making it a truly marvellous, numero uno party down at Cargo. For those that missed out first time around Team Mooch are back in this unique space set in the heart of East London’s Shoreditch. Adding a little something extra to your festive calendar with a cast of fine Parisian and London undergroun…d Techno/House talent, we present…

Shaun Soomro [Lick my Deck]

Shaun’s involvement in music started at an early age as a DJ on London’s vibrant underground radio scene, his weekly slot on ‘Rude Fm’s Saturday show enabled him to showcase his talent to a wide audience. This beginning saw him go on to play at some of London’s most legendary clubs from The End, T Bar, Plastic People on to venues across Europe. Shaun set up his Lick My Deck imprint in the summer of 2007. By focusing on intelligent and provocative electronic music and Working with some of the most respected producers in the scene the label has gone from strength to strength and is set to go further. Shaun’s sound is deep and hypnotic yet dark and funky, this is a skill Shaun has honed by knowing his music and constantly keeping his ear to the ground. Playing across the board from Techno and House to Minimal and Disco, his sets constantly entertain and never lack in energy with surprises hidden around every corner.

Ron Costa [Potobolo Recs]

DJ and producer, Ron Costa is an ambitious character. Starting around ten years ago by promoting parties, later on proving his abilities with a residence in “the smallest club of Paris”. Keeping a busy schedule he is now art director and resident DJ at 3 clubs/pubs in Paris and, if that was not enough is started his own Label “Potobolo records”. His musical passion began when he was a kid with Funk and Disco and later evolved toward the more familiar electronic based sounds, particularly House & Techno music. With time he realised that his taste was less dependant on the genre of music and more on the sounds and the feelings they created. His sets are therefore laced with influences from well outside those we’ve come to expect from house and techno, however they always, to quote a Mooch slogan, maintain the groove… As well as his Dj’ing Ron’s productions skills have become highly prised with many labels drafting him in for remix duties and original works which you can catch on Lapsus, Cimelde and his own Potobolo records.

Lastly… Joining our headline acts delivering you musical treasures through out the eve your resident 3 wise sages from the East (of London) Natalie Coleman, Yellowcake & Nick Walters. Remember its Free entry before 10.00

MOOCH Feat Molly & Tim Paris

MOOCH returns from a well earned summer vacation, bigger and slightly more tanned than before. As we wheeled out the barbeque and slapped on the factor 20 out in June, we saw Guti (desolat) & Huxley (Cécille) rock east London with a lesson in hot tech n deep house. Moving forward into September MOOCH flip flops down to the road to the well respected CARGO. Filling this amazing space needs not just 1 but 2 headliners for a marathon session from 6pm all the way through to a 3am finish! Groove maintenance from the best of the Parisian underground, we introduce…

Molly (Rex Club)

Based in Paris for the last 3 years Molly has quickly established herself as the Paris’s very own queen of the underground. Having only discovered Electronic music 5 years ago during  a trip to London she realised that Music was her let’motiv. Taking up her residency at Paris’s world famous Rex Club has set the stage for playing along side dj’s such as Laurent Garnier, Luciano, Ellen Allien, Mathew Jonson, D’Julz, Chloé, Argy and many more. Squeezing in time to be a journalist for French music Magazine, TRAX, Molly spends the rest of her days travelling and Spinning records all over Europe (London, Berlin, Barcelona, Brussels etc). Working in the space between Techno & house, she blends styles with originality, sensitiveness and above all, groove!!  Check out her latest Mix “juillet-2010” over at the Mooch Blog

Tim Paris (Kill the DJ/Marketing Music)

After building up a reputation on the Parisian underground circuit, Tim quickly found himself doing parties with Jef K, Chloé, Alexkid and Ivan Smagghe, Tim Paris teamed up with Jef K to help him develop the now infamous Crack & Speed label. Working the dance floor but also developing his skills in the studio, saw his first breakthrough with the remix of a rock tune called “Future Now”  picked up by Ralph Lawson’s 2020 Vision label and went on to become one of the biggest underground tunes of 2004. From there Tim Paris didn’t stop, continuing to release quality tracks and remixes praised by the most discerning DJs. Now based in London, Tim has once again teamed up with long time collaborator Jef K to start the Marketing Music Label. Now 11 releases deep the label has gone from strength to strength with their latest release, Challenge’s Broken Clock EP, receiving widespread support and critical acclaim

Getting the party started, Residents Natalie Coleman, Yellowcake and Nick Walters will be warming up the terrace nice & slow from 6pm, with the party making its way inside throughout the evening. Summer’s nearly finished but don’t worry, MOOCH is back! Getting you all warmed up with its first party of the Autumn ‘n’ wrapping you up with a cosy layer of free entry before 10:30pm… Fantastique!

MOOCH Goes Large!

After an amazing 17 month run at Shoreditch’s favourite stable, The Horse & Groom, MOOCH is ready to move on and get its teeth into something new and damn right tasty! Confirming the rumours spread in May we will be holding a summer knees up at the ‘HUB Club’ just around the corner from Aldgate Tube. Down at MOOCH HQ we are proud to present 2 heavy weights in the world of tech house ‘n’ techno. Introducing some meaty, yet lean home grown talent by the name of… Huxley from Cécille Numbers/Tsuba and of course a rather spicy LIVE PA from our headliner, desolat’s very own Guti..

GUTI (Desolat/Wolf+Lamb)

“Drawing up his own way” is the philosophy of Guti. He shone in the world of Jazz from an early age and demonstrated that he was both a sensible & intense pianist with his own unique style. This exceptional talent made him famous a few years later while he was part of big Argentinean rock bands like “Jovenes Pordioseros” & “Intoxicados”, playing in some of the biggest stadiums & winning gold records in South America in the last decade. In 2006, life took him along a new path when he ventured into Techno. Curious, ironic & creative, fusing electronic music with his Jazz & Latin roots, Guti quickly became one of the most eager & interesting producers on the Latino American house scene. He has performed his amazing live set in some of the best clubs across America & Europe. Currently his music is running on Raum, Musik, Mupa & Esperanza and producers & DJs like Ricardo Villalobos, Luciano, Loco Dice, Marco Carola, Steve Lawler, Paco Osuna & other international artists are playing his full of soul productions all around the planet.

HUXLEY (Cécille Numbers/Tsuba)

aka Michael Dodman, is one of the newest and hottest deep house producers around at the moment. At 25 Michael has already been involved with countless projects spanning a numerous genres and record labels. Working behind the scenes for the last 7 years, Michael finally decided that it was time to take the plunge and push his own material. After getting together with fellow producer, Ethyl it wasn’t long before some the deep house scene’s finest spotted their potential. This most notably included Cecille boss, Nick Curly. Nick gave Ethyl & Huxley their first break and released their first EP, The Sassanids EP, on Cecille Numbers in 2009. The EP gained support from all the right people and saw it be all over the Beatport Deep House chart and firmly put these two young producers on the radar. ‘Mother Tongue’ from Their next release, The White EP, exploded after its release gaining the top spot on beatport deep house for over 5 weeks. It has subsequently been nominated for ‘Best Deep House Track 2010′ at the Beatport Awards.

And finally… your trusty residents Natalie Coleman & Yellowcake will be making the techno sandwich complete by starting and finishing the eve with their trademark playful techno n moody minimal… YUM! After June’s musical feast MOOCH will be getting on the Atkins diet ‘n’ topping up the fake tan in preparation for its Holiday (ash cloud pending) over the summer arriving back all refreshed at the end of the year. So to get your dancing gear ready for this rather special MOOCH as we’ll be bopping until 6am and cranking up the volume on a whopping 17k rig… its gonna be LARGE!!


19 DJs, 17 Months, 15 Parties, 4 residents and 1 Plub The Horse & Groom……The last 17 months have seen the hand reared MOOCH, crawling, walking and raving into something rather special. The time has come where MOOCH needs to leave home, widen its horizons and make the first steps to getting on that real clubbing experience ladder!

Firstly we would like to give our thanks to MOOCH’s birth place, The Horse & Groom. A quirky, fun little venue with a monster sound system, that has done us proud through our stay. Much respect goes to the DJ’s that have shaped our sound and all who stepped up to the mark every time (in no particular order)……tINI, LMB, Leeks, MOUJ, Weasel, Samantha, Dan Lively, Chris Finke, Yellowcake, Ben Coates, JohnnyCash, Kath Harding, Louis Guilhem, Charly Madea, Tommy Evans, Mike Chapman, Natalie Coleman, Nick Sulbkulture and the ‘TINAR‘ DJ’s (our upstairs friends). Last and certainly not least, big BIG love goes out to you! The MOOCH familiar, the driving force behind everything we do! xxx……The ‘Last Waltz’ at our favourite Shoreditch stable sees a popular booking from last year come back for a sleazy, jackin, tech-fest……Hands up heads down for……

Louis Guilhem (Minimal Carnival / Lo*Kee)

Born in France, Montpellier, Louis grew up surrounded by music, is father a guitar player, his sister a pianist and now a professional singer. As a teenager he enjoyed playing the drums, creating rhythm with different tools. He swapped the drums for decks and fell in love with electronic music. He moved to London at the age of 19 with his first gig at the infamous Café 1001 he found his place within the East London scene. Moving forward saw gigs at Ministry of Sound and several warehouse parties this led onto promoting his very own and widely respected club night Minimal Carnival. At just 23 years old he’s already played at parties at Tbar, Kubicle, Gramaphone, Unit7 (London), Bar25 (Berlin), Batofar and La Terassa (Paris) and Genau in (Sweden). Recently Louis has joined Lo*kee as one of their residents, sharing the DJ booth with artists such as Jamie Jones, Tobi Neumann and Clive Henry to mention only a few. His refreshing and unexpected DJ performances are a delightful mix of exclusive, underground house ‘n’ minimal including many of his own productions……a most fitting DJ to set the tone to our departure.

Dishing out extra helpings of moody minimal ‘n’ playful techno on the eve’ your trusty residents Natalie Coleman, Yellowcake and Johnnycash will also be heard spreading rumours of MOOCH’s plan of action, something rather BIG to get your teeth into come the end of June……THE VERY LAST WALTZ! we hear you cry?……Not on your nelly!…….

The Holy MOOCH

March’s party with special guest Mouj rocked! and as always you the MOOCH familiar were the icing on cake With April almost upon us this can only mean 3 things… Spring has finally arrived, Easter celebrations are about to start and team MOOCH’s very own second coming is about to happen. After a mind blowing set back in October 2009 we decided it was time to bring him back… a DJ who really knows how to maintain the groove…

LMB (Triptic/Chemical Records)

Morph resident & co-promoter of one of Bristol’s longest running techno/house nights Triptic, LMB boasts an impressive CV. Playing along side the likes of Mark Broom, Swayzak, Format-B, Mark Henning, Howie B, Agoria, Craig Richards, Paul Daley (leftfield)…to name but a few… Expect an exclusive vinyl set all handpicked from working his 9-5 as techno buyer for Chemical Records. With a recent gig at Fabric under his belt and more planned over the coming months in Germany, 2010 is  most defiantly set to blow up!

Providing support on the night you trusty residents Natalie Coleman, Yellowcake and Nick Subkulture will be dishing out extra large portions of moody minimal and playful techno, a sure God send for those all on a post Easter indulgence diet. Finally… if ya still got room for more?? our good friends “This is Not a Rave” will be hosting upstairs inviting along: Rachel Barton (Big in Ibiza) & Kezokichi (Back to Back) for some right dirty fidget house action!… Eggcellent!!

MOOCH get its jig on! 

There was certainly something in the air for all the MOOCH familiar when Chris Finke & (new resident) Nick Subkulture rocked the decks at our favourite east end stable….So carrying on the MOOCH tradition of celebrating ‘that’ time of the month, we invite you down for a Pre St.Patrick’s day knee’s up. Providing the entertainment on the eve, a favourite of MOOCH’s 2009 bookings, giving him the (long over due) prime time slot, please raise your Guinness n whiskey chasers to the patron Saint of the Emerald Isle, while getting yer Michael Flatley styley jig on…. to our Lord of the Dance….

Mouj (ALiVE/Jaded)

A DJ career starting at the infamous High Tide boat parties playing alongside the likes of James Zabiela & Nic Fancuilli, then moving onto Alive Recordings parties alongside label head honcho Tom Budden, bringing it closer to home here in London has seen Mouj becoming one of the much loved Jaded residents along side Raymundo Rodriguez. His energy and clean cut mixing of his early morning sets @ AKA/Ghost have become reason why many an afterparty punter will happily forfeit their Sunday roast. Famous for his acid house finales and his completely irreverent mixing of genres and decades, becoming a name with an infectious vibe you cannot ignore! Taking his music philosophy from behind the decks to the studio 2009 saw a remix for Groove Armada under his belt while looking forward to the rest of 2010 keep an eye out for releases out on ALiVE, Electric Sheep Recordings & Cubism

Catch residents Natalie Coleman bashing her bodhrán, Yellowcake fiddling his fiddle and not forgetting Johnnycash tooting on his whistle, as always providing the support on the eve of, moody minimal and playful techno…….Finally if that wasn’t enough bang for your buck  “This is Not a Rave” Bring their regular electro house craziness to upstairs inviting guests: Lorcan Mak (kitsune) & Buster Bennett (nuke Them All) …so all bases covered then?!

MOOCH Is in the Air…

Firstly Mooch crew would like thank each and everyone who came down to our birthday bashment in Jan, Kath Harding really did blow the roof off to an amazing sell out party…. February, we’re back on the eve of Valentine’s Day, inviting you all on a Blind Date with a dream line up ‘ole Cilla herself would be proud of. He’s tall, dark n hansom contestant number 1. Nick Subkulture, will be making his way up the M4 from Bristol’s KSS Black HQ warming up nicely for our headline act contestant No. 2 ‘the man from the Jam’…

Chris Finke (Atomic Jam/Flux Recordings)

DJ, Producer and radio host for the ‘Split Radio Show’ (with co-host Ben Sims) Chris has held a high profile 6 year residency at the UKs biggest and best techno party ‘Atomic Jam’ His electrifying sets have seen him travel around the world, taking in clubs and festivals as far afield as New York, Japan, Moscow, South America and all over Europe. One of the few truly versatile DJ’s is at home playing big room techno and well as dropping house sets in intimate clubs. His well respected Flux Recordings label is home to established producers like Paul Woolford, Joey Beltram, Deetron & Mark Broom, and has helped break new talent in the likes of Darko Esser & Max Cooper. As a producer hes definatly found his groove in the studio, with releases regularly featuring in the boxes & charts of the most respected DJ’s on the planet.

Nick Sulbkulture (New Resident/KSS Black)

aka Nick Walters has been making waves in the Bristol scene for some time now. As well as playing out as a DnB DJ and running KSS Black Label, he’s developed his own sound in the world of minimal, tech-house and techno, layering up sounds ‘n’ grooves with little offbeat incidental drum hits that liven up the mix through the use of Serato, he favors the deeper side of production from the likes of Agnes, Polder to the crunchier more driving tunes from producer Alan Fitzpatrick. Sets include Triptic, Drama, Hijack and from further a field, Frenchtek, Magnolia (Milan) and Whiteknights Festival afterparty (Lecco, Italy) and a new residency at Mooch under his belt, expect big things for 2010.

And finally contestant No. 3 Yellowcake aka Mooch resident. A familiar face around the joint who lacks in height but certainly makes up in his big tune selection, always closing the party with a bang! Natalie Coleman aka Pat, aka our 2nd Mooch Resident, will be the lucky girl making the impossible choice between the boys on the night, Who she gonna take back to Hackney farm for a Valentine’s greasy spoon? ….She can only decide!! Come along for some moody minimal and payful techno where love will be in the air for all the Mooch familiar….

Mooch is ONE!

January’s a month of celebration as Mooch turns one years old. What a year it’s been! We’ve seen our baby beef up and turn into a complete monster child, from the nurturing, guidance and support of fellow promoters, DJs and defiantly not forgetting You! our splendid punters….September 2009 saw Desolat’s very own tiNi raising the roof with a blinding set to remember, Louis Guilhem’s sleazy, jackin tune selection over the summer and recently not forgetting when LMB road-blocked Curtain Rd bringing H&G to full capacity by 1am! All these amazing memories (and many more) started some where, so who better to top the bill for Moochs 1st birthday than to invite back our very first booking…..

Kath Harding (WiSH)

Ms. Harding is certainly no stranger to London’s Techno scene, working alongside co-promoter Linda Hewson as the brains behind the infamous WiSH one of the most successful Shoreditch techno parties in recent years, their secret? Intelligent booking of artists which have bought the likes of Jennifer Cardini, Chloe, Fra Soler (to name but a few) into London. Earlier in 2009 saw Kath & WiSH taking over room 3 @ Fabric supporting WYS with their bank holiday special, but recently she’s been creating a stir amongst the early morning soldiers of Sundays disco… Jaded, notably, getting away with dropping tuneage from likes of Green Velvet, much to our glee!.. Her style consists of blended deep tech/house n dirty techno full of surprises and history, so expect to shake that behind with heads down ‘n’ hands up!!

Blowing out those birthday candles residents Natalie Coleman, Yellowcake and Johnnycash will be dishing out techno bumps and special prezzies to all our Mooch familiar

Taking care of the upstairs play pen on the night, friends from “This is Not a Rave”. Their regular electro house tear ups around Shoreditch have earnt them a fierce reputation amongst the kool kids. Recent headliners to their rave calendar have included: Trevor Loveys, Lee Mortimer, Idiotproof, Not Shy and Kid Cola

Mooch gets (yule) in the mood!

As the festive season draws in we’ve decided to add something extra to your Christmas stocking… Opening up both floors of the Horse & Groom’s stable, bringing you not 1 special guest… but 4!! Come along and be apart of this years Nativity of playful techno ‘n’ moody minimal, featuring a cast of fine underground talent… presented to you wrapped in swaddling clothes, our special guest…

After searching high and low for an artist thats little different from our other bookings yet maintaining our playful techno sound, A self taught producer from the Northwest who has developed his bouncy minimal sound over the last 3 years into his own unique, groovy-tech infused house. His latest LP release this November ‘Mini Album’ on Piso records is set to blow up in 2010, and not forgetting his remix of Max Coopers ‘Stochastiche Serie’ on Traum which has seen close to 30,000 plays on MySpace! check out releases here:

Joining us upstairs from afar our very own 3 wise kings of the London’s tech house scene…

Starting his DJ career for High Tide and now continuing with Alive Recordings parties in Southampton alongside label honcho Tom Budden, Mouj has also become one of the much loved Jaded residents, his energy and clean cut mixing of his early morning sets @ AKA/Ghost have become reason why many a afterparty punter happily forfeits their Sunday roast. Famous for his acid house finales and his completely irreverent mixing of genres and decades, Mouj is fast becoming a household name for an infectious vibe you cannot ignore. Check what Mouj is all about here:

Serenade Recordings signing Dan Lively has built a record collection covering various genres of music including Jungle, House, Disco & Hip Hop. Working in the heart of Soho @ Uptown records has helped him on his journey as a DJ gaining strong influences from record labels such as Strictly Rhythm, V recordings, Nervous records and DJ/Producers such as DJ Premier, Ron Trent, Master’s at work to Mood II Swing naming but a few. His club CV ranges from Ministry of sound, The Cross to Public Life and The Lightbox. Listen to his latest mixes here:

Making his Mooch debut, after hearing him play all things House @ West London’s infamous ‘Sunday West’ parties we knew that his style and energy as a DJ would fit in just right. He holds a gig profile that includes The Egg,The cross,The island and Departure lounge and not forgetting radio shows on Juice, Dream & Flex FM, finishing off a line up that’s getting us all just a little excited!!

…and finally trusty shepherds Natalie Coleman, Yellowcake & Johnnycash will be looking over the flock, making sure that Christmas comes early for all the Mooch familiar

Mooch Explodes!

Down at Mooch HQ we’ve nailed a DJ/Producer that will continue the fireworks right into November. Leave them glowsticks at home and fire up your sparklers in recognition. Ooooow Aaahhhh! we collectively cry! its this months special guest.. Charly Madea

Originating from the South of France Charly Madea (MAYANS Records) moved to London when only 19 to pursue a passion for music production & djing. During his time over here Charley has played at various london clubs, from Fabric to Pacha and not forgetting back in 2005 when Charly won the DJ competition for residency at Stomp, promoted by Trevor Rockcliffe & Carl Cox at the infamous Turnmills. His Djing over the past year has taken him from Germany to France and from Mexico to the USA playing out a style of House & Techno developed from a variety of influences, from upbeat South American music to unsettling atmospheric soundscapes…

Dont worry about Limp Jacket potatoes, miserable English weather or shouty children, Moochs very own pyromaniacs… Natalie Coleman, Yellowcake and JohnnyCash will be lighting techno bonfires all night long that even Guy Fawkes would be proud of.

Line up

Mooch is HOT HOT

Having only just fallen off cloud 9 due to September’s amazing party! Team Mooch have picked themselves up, had a good nights kip and popped a few berocca in preparation for Octobers guest. With the nights closing in and the outside temp starting drop Mooch have decided to invite a DJ that’s going to get you jumping n pumping all night long and whos guaranteed to get ya’all hot n flustered under the rave collar….PHEW!!

Join us by rubbing your little mitts together in anticipation of our special guest….‘LMB’

If you want someone who knows his techno this is your man, co-promoter of one of Bristol’s longest running techno/house nights Triptic @ the infamous Dojo Lounge, LMB boasts an impressive CV playing along side the likes of Mark Broom, Swayzak, Geddes, Luciano Esse, Jel Ford, Howie B, Cess, Craig Richards, Paul Daley (leftfield), Saytek …to name but a few… expect an exclusive set full of hot techno wonders n smoking tech/house grooves all handpicked while working his 9-5 as techno buyer for Chemical Records.

…and finally, having packed away their summer threads and now donning their wintery wardrobe of this seasons rave coats, residents Natalie Coleman, Yellowcake, JohnnyCash will be keeping the home fire stoked for all the Mooch familiar…

Line up

Mooch Beefs up!

Its been one hell of a year (so far) down on the Horse & Groom farm. Over the last eight months the hand reared Mooch newborn is already walking talking and even getting on it once in a while! But as all good parents know there comes a time when a youngster needs to move away from all things bland n runny and to grow, requires something a little more solid n beefy. September signals the first of Mooch’s beef ups, welcoming a new resident DJ to the family, a rather sexy looking flyer and not only 1 special guest but 3 to get ya teeth into..YUM!!

First off, mucking out the stables downstairs we’ve invited the brilliant…

tINI (Desolat)
Originally from Munich, tINI is now considered Germany’s most wanted new comer, touring the biggest clubs and festivals in Europe. Her musical qualities were noticed by Loco Dice and in 2008 became part of the Artist Alife/ Desolat Family, since she’s played regularly with the likes of Martin Buttrich, Jay Haze, Livio and Roby and was the support act for Loco Dice on the Italian leg of his ‘Under 300′ world tour. Nowadays tINI causes some serious stir on dance floors world wide – alone or as Loco Dice’s tour support DJ. To see what all the commotion is about, feast your eyes on her myspace page… ….then experience for yourselves this very rare UK booking @ Mooch!

Secondly, straight from market and into our livestock pen upstairs, something new ‘Electric Sheep’ guests include…

Starting his DJ career for High Tide and now continuing with Alive Recordings parties in Southampton alongside label honcho Tom Budden, Mouj has also become one of the much loved Jaded residents, his energy and clean cut mixing of his early morning sets @ AKA/Ghost have become reason why many a afterparty punter happily forfeits their Sunday roast. Famous for his acid house finales and his completely irreverent mixing of genres and decades, Mouj is fast becoming a household name with that infectious vibe you cannot ignore.

Serenade Recordings signing Dan Lively has built a record collection covering various genres of music including Jungle, House, Disco & Hip Hop. Working in the heart of Soho @ Uptown records has helped him on his journey as a DJ gaining strong influences from record labels such as Strictly Rhythm, V recordings, Nervous records and DJ/Producers such as, Kerri Chandler, MoodyMann, DJ Premier, Ron Trent, Master’s at work to Mood II Swing naming but a few. His club CV ranges from Ministry of sound, The Cross to Public Life and The Lightbox. Mooch familiar, expect an eclectic mix to get ya little trotters movin!

And finally maintaining the heard, your trusty residents Natalie Coleman, Yellowcake and New resident Johnnycash will be dishing out extra helpings of beef to all the Mooch Family keeping them well and truly satisfied…