So what have you been up to recently??

We recently got back from a 3 date tour of Brazil. We played at the infamous D-Edge in Sao Paulo and some cool parties in Belo Horizonte and Foz do Igucu where the waterfalls are. We got to visit the falls the day after the gig, it was one of the most amazing natural spectacles we’ve witnessed and to top it off the place was crawling with wild Goati’s, which looks like a cross between an Armadillo and a Raccoon.

We’ve been doing some new music too, a remix of Hugo’s track “Don’t stop the beat” on his label Goodvibe which is a jaunty acid house number. We’ve also remixed a friend of ours from San Francisco, Kevin Knapp with the track “Like this” which is on Leftroom and is more driving house style. Both of those are out this week.

We’ve been spending a lot of time giving our DJing style an overhaul because there’s loads of good music coming out in the acid and deep house styles which is really exciting compared to the generic tech house drivel that’s been flooding the market for the past year. We’ve done a podcast which is up on soundcloud and showcases more of this new style. It’s had very positive feedback so far so it looks like it was a good decision.

You have played in pretty much every corner of the world. Which country parties the best??

Everywhere has it’s merit’s but for consistency I think north Mexico has to take the biscuit. Places like Tijuana, Juarez (all though it’s a bit hot there at the moment with the gang wars), Mexicali and so on. The crowds are always bang up for it every time and the fans are so keen, you get asked to sign just about whatever they can get their hands on.

You guys run “Gruuv” together. Tell us a bit more about the label??

We started the label because we’ve matured over the years in the music industry and wanted to start to build something for the future with Audiojack as a base. We wanted to build a brand that will eventually have the label, a booking agency and be able to run parties and so forth so when we get a bit older we’ve got the option to ease off the touring without having to exit the music industry. So far the label’s been really successful, our last release hit the No.1 spot on Beatport and every release has hit the top 10 in it’s genre. Now, one year in we’ve got more established artists wanting to release on the label and a clear view of where we’re going with it so I think we could start to become a serious player on the underground dance scene.

What’s in store for the rest of 2011??

We’re working on original productions for both our label and a long player on 2020 Vision, we’ll try and get a couple of remix in there too but the production schedule’s going to be quite tight. We’re doing more work on our live show which we hope to be able to have ready for the release on 2020Vision. We’re going to be expanding and developing Gruuv more with releases lined up from Uner, London FM, Deepgroove & Wehbba with artists such as HOSH, Luna city express, Vincenzo and Martin Dawson in for remixes.

First record you ever bought??

Jamie: Paul Abdul – Opposites attract (as a young child)

Rich: Elvis Greatest Hits on tape or for an actual record I think it was Nightcrawlers – Push the Feelin On

What do you guys get upto when your not gigging??

Jamie: I love cooking and eating out, playing basketball and going to the gym. I also go out to clubs and have marathon parties with our mates. Been getting into a bit of gardening now so the place looks nice for having BBQ’s n stuff. I’m also a bit of a film lover and have a pretty huge DVD collection.

Rich: pretty similar really, I love cooking, its one of the few things that relaxes me and takes my mind of music and label stuff! I’m not as exercise friendly as Jamie and won’t go in a gym, but I don’t mind jogging now and then or swimming. Having recently quit smoking (3 months) I’ve found a lot of my choices this year has been based around reducing the desire to smoke. I like playing poker, football and going anywhere warm.