So its been a while since we caught up with you last. Tell us a bit what you have been upto to recently??

I’m working on my album right now and at the same time I’ve been busy setting up my new studio, taking care of painting, soundproofing etc…The last place I was in was demolished a few weeks ago, and the artists staying there, including myself, were moved to a new building. It’s really cool, near the river, in an old fabric and we’re a bunch of artists together, with Dachshund, the Young Gods and others.

You’ve had some pretty cool releases so far this year, other than your EP for MOOCH Recordings what else is in the pipeline for release??

I’m working on a remix for Circle Music (Alex Flatner) and an EP for a new Geneva label called Caduceus Records. I’m also working on an EP for Resolute (New York), . One of my tracks is on the upcoming compilation on Crosstown Rebels called Day Zero.

Where does your inspiration come from in the studio??

It comes from so many things, like traveling, but also all different kinds of artistic productions like dance, music concerts, etc… I don’t go as often as that, but I’m very open to these influences. But mostly it comes from working. I’m hard-working and I spend a lot of hours in the studio, that’s what builds up as inspiration.


Tell us more about your studio??

I don’t have tons of gear. For example, recently I had to move out of my studio (the building was being demolished) and I brought home just my computer, mixing table, speakers and one analogic synthesizer. I worked with just that for two months, and it was fine. When I go back to my new studio in about 3 weeks, I’ll set up the rest of my gear, but it’s not that much. I have a few more analogic synths, some effects processors and also virtual stuff in my computer. My studio is kind of basic.

What’s your dream piece of Kit??

I don’t have any. I think you can do incredible music with very simple stuff. What’s important is to have good ideas.

If you didn’t work in the music industry what would you dream job be??

Dancer with the Alvin Ailey Company. I actually started as a dancer (modern jazz and breakdance) before being a DJ. I admire dancers so much, it’s really hard work and so tough on the body.

What’s your top 3 artists thats exciting you at the moment??

Moodyman, Cesare vs Disorder, Carl Craig